Friday, January 16, 2009

Back home

I'm back among my humans, and eating and drinking normally again, although I am still a little off, what with all the drama of the last week. But what would make me feel better is if you went and voted for one of the fine humans at the Nunies.

Well, hell, Jen is breaking out cute baby pictures, I got to fight back with what I've got. And cute doggie pictures is what I've got. Which probably won't help much, given the ass-kicking Jen is giving everyone in the Best Blog race. Although it's still neck and neck between myself and Darcy in the Best Blog Post race.

As for the little critter himself, he seems fine. He was glad to get back home and he has more energy than he did before going down. We've got meds and special food that we have to give him for several days. And, well, he looks a bit like hell. He needed a bath last weekend, but we didn't want to give him one and stress him out when he was sick. They didn't clean him at the vets. And we want to wait a couple of days until we know he's fine.

So, in the meantime, he's a pretty scruffy looking dog. But we're glad to have him home.

Last Five
1. Skinwalker - Robbie Robertson
2. 19th nervous breakdown - The Rolling Stones*
3. Love dog - TV on the Radio
4. Like a rolling stone - Bob Dylan
5. Something in me was dying - Keane


jen said...

Oh what a baby!! Glad he is doing better!

ThePerfectStorm said...

Now that's a fine looking fido....good to hear it turned out well.


WJM said...


Aida said...

awww, glad to hear he is feeling better.