Saturday, January 10, 2009

No northern news

Cathy was saying the other days I should write more about northern things. But honestly, when you get days like today it's kind of hard to find much of anything interesting to write about. Today is a big old day of sloth. And I'm perfectly all right with that.

What did we do?

1. Slept in until 10
2. Sat on the couch and read (Cathy's reading "Dark Fever", I was reading "Doktor Sleepless").
3. Had lunch.
4. The real excitement of the day...the buzzer in our apartment went off (and so did the dog) and it was someone delivering from Fed Ex. Which, in and of itself, is a bit weird since I thought all Fed Ex packages were being routed through the post office. But no, there was a package. Which contained Eddie Bauer stuff.

The good news is that we have new clothes, including a pair of snazzy black high heel boots that we both like. The bad news? As I've learned, it's a bad idea to order from Eddie Bauer as they ship from the US and the customs and duty fees are vicious (as in, add an additional 15 per cent to the price you paid). So it's nice and all, but we won't be doing that again.

5. Watched the special features on Wall-E.
6. Cleaned up a bit around the apartment.
7. Played Wii Fit
8. Read some more (Cathy continued with her book, I switched to "Spider-Man loves Mary Jane").
9. Had supper
10. Played Lego Batman on Wii.

And now Cathy is poking around online and I'm doing this. And yes, tomorrow might be marginally more exciting what with brunch at the Frob, a thank you part for volunteers at the Mixed Nationals and, well, that's about it really.

Yes, maybe we should be doing more. But really, at the end of a long week, it's nice and quite relaxing to have nothing much to do. There will be weekends when we won't have that luxury. So I'm going to try and not feel too guilty about it.

But if you're ever wondering why sometimes I don't talk more about what it's like living in Iqaluit, well, odds are it might be because I'm relaxing on a couch reading a book with my wife.

Last Five
1. Somebody's baby (live) - Jackson Browne*
2. Luno - Bloc Party
3. Only the good die young - Billy Joel
4. You beauty must be rubbing off - Hawksley Workman
5. Head - Prince


Mireille Sampson said...

I'm going to guess that you didn't just pay the gst and customs fee for gst processing. Fed-ex tends to make you pay for the customs broker. The broker doesn't work for customs, the broker fills out the paperwork customs requires. Many companies have an in-house broker they don't charge you for, fed-ex charges you. It's why they are much more expensive to use even though their initial prices looks cheaper than the competition. It's like buying a no-frills one-way airline ticket, just wait til you see all the fees, taxes and add-ons.

Tracey said...

A person who works full time should have at least 1 or 2 sloth days a month and not feel guilty doing it.