Monday, January 12, 2009

Boo update

So, first of all, thanks for all the well wishes and suggestions. We appreciate them all. So, what's up with Boo?

Well, he's residing at the Alta Vista animal hospital in Ottawa as I write. Many of the suggestions we got are good ones, but it came down to one simple fact - if your pet was as sick as Boo was yesterday, you would have taken him to the vet. Even after the saline infusion, he was still vomiting up bile. And his stool was very runny and there were drops of blood in it this morning.

So you don't take any chances on this, hoping it clears up or trying any of the thoughtfully suggested remedies. You get his ass to Ottawa as soon as possible. Yes, it will likely cost a few dollars. However, last time I checked, neither of our bank accounts are hurting all that much. Plus, logistically, it takes time to get him to Ottawa. We would have brought him to the vet Sunday night if we could; he didn't get there until Monday evening.

We did catch a break in that one of Cathy's co-workers was heading south to Ottawa today anyway (she became a grandmother over the weekend) and graciously agreed to help transport him to Ottawa, which was quicker and cheaper than sending him cargo. A courier picked him up at the airport and took him to the vet.

And the verdict? Well, we're still waiting on that. The vet has called and they're taking blood and stool for testing, plus doing x-rays. At a minimum he's going to be there until Thursday. Once I know more, I'll update the blog. But the vet says he's alert and not entirely happy about the sudden change in scenery in which his normal humans are nowhere in sight. All of which I take to be good signs.

In the meantime, thank you for all the emails, Facebook notes and near borderline obsessive rechecking of the blog to see if there's any news on his condition. As I said, we appreciate it all.

Update at 10 pm: Just heard from vet. Still not sure what the problem is, but there appears to perhaps be an infection in his bowels. They have him on antibiotics and an IV drip. The good news is there is no obstruction, so hopefully surgery won't be needed. We'll know more tomorrow, but so far, so good.

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jen said...

Did boo eat any Cadbury Creme Eggs with foil wrapping lol? Because that's where we are at with Tallinn right now, but at least we are down south with a vet. We have had Tallinn in simialr situation back North and it's all you can do but be sick with worry. I feel for Cathy and you right now! Hope boo gets better soon so you can have your baby back!

WJM said...

Alta Vista is good people. They did a real miracle on my Babybird four years ago.

Anonymous said...

I also loved Alta Vista. Get well soon, Boo!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Boo! Thank goodness that it is only an infection ... that can be fixed up real quick with anti-biotics. He'll be home soon.