Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nunies voting now opened

So I'm pleased to see I've been nominated again this year in the Best Blog category in the Nunavut Blogging Awards. Or, as I like to refer to them, the "Second Best Blog in Nunavut Award Because Clare Is Too Chicken-Shit To Put His Blog Up And Make It Official."

Hmmm, that's a bit wordy, but you get the point. Regardless, thank you to everyone who nominated me. I appreciate it.

I finished third in this last year, behind two of the people who are nominated again this year, Jen and Kate. New to the finals are Kennie and Jackie, trying to funnel her win last year as Best New Blog into a Best Blog win.

I couldn't help but notice something when looking at the nominees. And it's not that I enjoy all their blogs and have enjoyed chatting with them all (even the pesky reporter ones who harass me at work). It's that I'm the only male in this category.

This does not auger well for me, I think. Not that I think this is going to be any battle of the sexes (in which case, being outnumbered and merely male I would get my ass kicked) or that men will rush to my side and the women vote will be split. No, no, no, nothing silly like that at all.

However, it does remind me of a situation that happened about 10 years ago. I'd applied for a job with the RCMP as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst and, somehow, miraculous, made it past the screening of several hundred applicants and survived the three hour plus interview that took wiped out most of the 16 people who made it that far. All that was left now was a three hour exam and a 30 minute oral presentation. So I was feeling pretty good right up until the moment I walked in and noticed that the other three people who made it to the exam stage were all women.

And I thought, "Well, I'm good and truly fucked on getting this job."

I'm just saying, my reaction upon seeing the finalist for Best Blog was something similar.

It really is too bad about that other job, if I might dwell for a moment. It had a lot of things going for it.

1. It was located in St. John's and would have gotten me out of Clarenville. I'm a Townie, remember. Each moment away from the Holy Land diminishes my power.
2. My salary would have more than doubled. Granted, I was being paid a borderline poverty wage with The Packet, so anything involving more money short of being a male prostitute would have been good at that point.
3. I would have had a security clearance. I was still at an age where that sounded really cool.
4. It would have meant working in the "Palace on the Hill", ie. RCMP HQ in St. John's. If you've ever seen, or been inside, of the building you will know what I mean. It also has one of the best views in St. John's
5. "Criminal Intelligence Analyst" - with respect, I've never had a job title that cool in my life.

So anyway, yes. Much like I knew when I walked into that room I wasn't getting that job, I'm pretty sure I'm not winning this award, albeit for different reasons. This time, I'm simply outnumbered by high class blogs written by intelligent and funny women. So I'm doomed. But that's all right. Being doomed by intelligent and funny women....there are worse ways to go, really.

Oh, and least I obsess too much over Best Blog, there are two other categories for your consideration - Best Blog Post, where I have an entry based on my post regarding Levi Johnston, and Best New Blog. Swing over, read some of the best of what Nunavut has to offer and cast your vote.

Last Five
1. Teenage hustling - Tori Amos
2. Cold desert - Kings of Leon
3. The Mary Ellen Carter (live) - Stan Rogers*
4. Gunshy - Liz Phair
5. Out of range (live) - Ani DiFranco


John McCain said...

I think you need a running mate who will garner all the women's votes for you. I recommend Sarah Palin.

Nunavummiut Jaime said...


I laughed during this whole post (with you), you know why. The security clearance test was an interesting hour of my life, to say the least! As a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, you probably would been cleared for Top Secret. I'm still young and impressionable enough to think anything related to my job being "top secret" sounds pretty darn cool!


towniebastard said...

Yes, because Sarah Palin carried the women's so well last time for you, John. Maybe Michelle Obama is available. But thanks for the suggestion.

And I wonder if the RCMP just likes to see if they can break potential new employees before they start the job.