Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It's awards season and while some might get excited about the People's Choice Awards or the Golden Globes, the real action takes place (mostly) North of 60 as nominations for the second annual Nunies have now opened and will be wrap up on January 12. From there, the Top 5 in three categories - Best Blog, Best New Blog and Best Blog Post - will be voted on by the public.

I mention this not to try and solicit votes or nominations from you. I've already shed most of my dignity in recent months grovelling for votes in the Canadian Blogging Awards and my ill-fated run for Memorial University's Board of Regents. I point this out because there are many excellent Nunavut based blogs, most of which you can see in the sidebar. In the next few days I encourage you to visit a bunch of them and then drop Clare a line at - nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca.

And I will, once again, protest that Clare is exempting his blog from nomination. A lot of people in the North found their way to the rest of us through his particular corner of the internet. And it's a daily stop for me. Plus, having met the man, he's a hell of a nice guy and a great writer. I also trust him to not rig the vote if he were to throw his hat into the ring.

Well, not too much anyway....

Last Five
1. Weakness - Dear Leader
2. Love's a competition - Kaiser Chiefs
3. Sunflower - Andrew LeDrew*
4. Clowns - Goldfrapp
5. Song for you - Andy Stochansky


Megan said...

Yeah, I wish he'd include himself, and I think it can be done in a way that keeps his hands clean in the decisions.

But maybe there would always be questions: I got a stern look from another blogger yesterday after the NWT Blog Awards were announced, even though I protested that I had nothing to do with the judging of other categories and had never even met anyone on the judging panel.

towniebastard said...

I'm launching a write-in campaign. I submitted his name anyway. If enough people do it, then maybe he'll cave.

As for people getting upset about these things, it's beyond me. People should chill the fuck out. I mean, yeah, it would be nice to win. I'm happy when people enjoy what I'm writing, but it's not the end of the world if people enjoy another northern blog more than mine.

The only awards I used to get really competitive over were journalism awards, but that was at least partially because I thought winning a few would look good on my resume. After I won a half dozen or so, I started to become a lot more relaxed about them.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd rig the vote if I was in it. I'd just be very subtle about it.