Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heading out

So we have our next jaunt out of the territory planned. We're heading out during Easter for about nine days. We're just not 100% locked into where. We're definitely heading to Ottawa, but there's still a chance we might go somewhere else.

Originally the hope was to go to the Caribbean for a week or so at an all-inclusive resort. However, that's looking fairy unlikely. Not so much the cost, but that we have an increasingly long list of things we need to get done when in Ottawa. We need to get our Cape Dorset print framed. We need to pick up a few things for Australia (money, footwear, etc). Thanks to the 100kg of cargo I won, Cathy is eying some quality time with the Ikea. We're contemplating seeing some family and friends when we're down south.

So if you try and do a seven day all-inclusive, taking into account you're going to lose Good Friday as everything will be closed, well, it's pretty much impossible.

But we still might be travelling somewhere. I got excited there for a minute when I heard Bruce Springsteen announce his tour schedule. There are only a handful of acts I desperately want to see at some point in my life, and Bruce is one of them. However, through cruel fate, he is only playing two shows while we are down south. One in Denver on the day we arrive in Ottawa, which is out, and the other is in Los Angeles.

I'd love to see a Bruce concert, but I simply can't justify flying to LA to see him play. Even crueler, he's playing in Boston two days after we fly back up. Damn it. The only hope is that he fills in some of those empty dates between now and then with some shows on the east coast. For example, he's not scheduled to play anything in New York City, so there is some hope.

Also, U2 has a new album coming out in March and with some luck they'll be touring in April. If that happens, maybe we can catch them somewhere.

Yes, I know, the hardship.

Anyway, we'll be in the Ottawa area with a vehicle and time. If you want to catch us, drop me a line and we'll start working things out.

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3. 11 o'clock, tick tock (live) - U2
4. Where does the good go - Tegan and Sara*
5. You make lovin' fun - Fleetwood Mac


Anonymous said...

Hey 3-4 days in Vegas..I am sure there will be some good acts to see there as well.

Dups said...

Darn it... why must it always be when I am away?


Carolyn said...

Found you through Wanderin'Weeta blog and have enjoyed your posts. You have to get rid of that Mascot though! Thanks for sharing. Have a great holiday.

towniebastard said...

Actually, Vegas isn't a bad idea at all. I'm starting to looking into flights and see if I can find any deals.

Dups, we're beginning to think you just don't like us...;)

And Carolyn, glad you like the blog. But I could never get rid of the mascot. Besides, some other northern blogger would snap him up in a hurry.

Kirsten said...

Hey, I'll be in Ottawa... in June though ;)