Friday, January 23, 2009


Allow me a quick note to offer up an early Congratulations to Kate for winning the run-off for the Best Blog contest during the Nunies. Yes, it's not yet 5 p.m., which is when it ends, but at last count I'm down by 25 votes and there are only a few hours left. The only way I was able to close the gap so dramatically last time was by begging, borrowing and cajoling every vote I possibly could for that last minute surge.

That's not happening this time. Besides, I only have limited karma to burn and I can't use it all up on the Nunies. I have a curling bonspiel this weekend that I would like to win. Or if not win, then at least win the door prize, which is a return ticket to Ottawa on Canadian North. Townie needs a trip to the Caribbean this Easter, especially given the recent week of near -50 temperatures. I need a beach, with warm water and drinks with fruit in them. One free plane ticket to Ottawa helps off-set the costs quite nicely.

And I have to lose to somebody, I can think of no one better than Kate. She's a friend (even when she was calling me at work and making my life difficult), I always enjoy running into her in town and I love the writing, photography and music she puts up on her blog. The only criticism I would have of it is that I get grumbly when she dares to go and have a life for several days at a time and not update it.

So congrats to Kate, thanks to everyone who voted or swung by the blog to check me out over the past few weeks. I hope you stick around, not just on my particularly small piece of internet turf, but in the Arctic blogosphere. We're a pretty cool bunch once you get to know us.

(Yes, if you see me in person, you're allowed to smack me for that pun.)

Last Five
1. Hold on - KT Tunstall
2. Gleaming auction - Snow Patrol
3. Four seasons in one day (live) - Crowded House
4. Please call me, baby - Tom Waits
5. Come pick me up - Ryan Adams*


Anonymous said...

Can you please still do the Prom King/Queen picture?

Clare said...

Pretty please!!

Kate Nova said...

Awwww, thanks Townie.
We totally still need to do a random photog session with elvis...maybe we'll try to track you down over the weekend!!!!!

towniebastard said...

Well, I'll be at the curling club this evening until about 9:30 and probably there most of tomorrow if you're looking for me. Other than that, I'll be home all day Sunday. So yeah, I could wear a crown. Perhaps a sash with Mr. Congenality or something. That's what they give the runners-up, right?

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I was really hoping for the ninja showdown...

Anonymous said...

Had I known the ninja showdown was an option before posting the runoff poll I definitely would have made that the deciding method. Perhaps the next thing to organize is the NBF (Nunavut Blogging Federation) Smackdown. Get ready tooooooo Ninnnnnnjjjjjaaaaa!!!!!

Kate Nova said...

LOL! Ninja power!