Friday, June 22, 2007

Air Canada sucks, part 457,996 in an ongoing series

As if you needed more of it, here’s additional proof on why Air Canada are cock suckers.

Magically, while the airline is screwing us, they’re managing to not screw us this summer. While the ban is coming into effect on July 15, barely three weeks notice as it turns out, it won’t impact those who already have made reservations.

So Cathy can fly home with Boo on July 2 no problem. I’m curious to see if there’s going to be a racket on August 19. Yes, they’re saying you can fly with pets. Let’s see if the staff on the ground can get that straight in their heads. I have my concerns.

So the options now are:
1. Don’t fly with your pets.
2. Stick them in Air Canada Cargo, which is more expensive. I don’t have the exact figures, but I imagine it’s $50 per flight vs. something in excess of $200 per flight. On top of that, Cargo is not going to be remotely close to convenient for many passengers. Like us, for example.
3. Fly WestJet. That’s something I’d actually prefer, to be honest. They’re a much nicer airline. They do have three drawbacks, however. Not as many flights going back and forth from Newfoundland, which can mean challenges. They’re more expensive. And we don’t get aeromiles from them.

Still, I imagine we’ll be flying WestJet from now on when we travel with Boo.

I also understand calling Air Canada a bunch of motherfuckers who seem damned and determined to make things as inconvenient and difficult as possible for their paying customers is a redundant point. It’s been made many, many times before.

I just love their excuse on this one. We need to get rid of pets because of the demands of passengers with increased amounts of luggage due to new security regulations. Really? First, has Air Canada ever passed up a chance to make an unpopular change that screws paying customers and not blame it on “new security regulations?”

Secondly, does this mean they’re increasing the amount of luggage we can carry or weight limits? I highly doubt it. I imagine they’ll still be overcharging the same spectacular amount as always if you’re so much as a kilogram over their limit.

I would just like to list, for the historical record, that this is just one more piece of evidence on just how much our national airline sucks. Open Skies can’t happen soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Air Canada have taken customer service to a new low it seems.

I have never taken a pet with me while flyin with AC, and now that i think of it with AC's track record with luggae, that's probably a sound decision on my behalf.

Geoff Meeker said...

So, just to clarify... you aren't a fan of Air Canada?

Anonymous said...

You really think open skies is the solution Craig? I use to but the more I see it seems a more long term solution would be the government having a direct hand in running the national airline. Yeah probably not best solution with the national government we have now, but take a look around the world at countries that run their own airlines, much more customer oriented and efficient.

towniebastard said...

No Geoff, not a fan. Find me someone who is.

And Jason, admittedly my experience with airline outside North America is limited. So perhaps some other national airline do work well.

But if I had to guess which would make Air Canada work half decently - Open Skies or nationalization - I would bet on Open Skies. I really wouldn't trust Ottawa to make Air Canada work properly. Some honest competition from major international airlines might just do the trick, though....

nadinebc said...

You are so very right, Air Canada Sucks ass.

We have never had good flights home with them, but as there are so few flight options to get home, you are sort of screwed.

Something to look into is Sun Wing. We are flying home with them this summer. They only fly in the summer months. I don't know their policy on pets but it is something to check out.

Anonymous said...

Just today I had to make a flight for the first time on aircanada. AND I must say that their online services truly suck. Since I was trying to register, I kept receiving a pop-up with an error message. When I called up to try and book the only non-stop flight from EWR to Vancouver, I was told that there was a $25 fee for phone call flights. Shock of shocks! I told them that I can't seem to register, and get the flight I want and they should waive the fee for me. They did. Only after I called the high time offices and told them just how awful and sucky their website it. Shame on them for taking $20-$25 a head for people who can't work their internet site. Damn them.