Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bring on the Trump

Cathy and I have been married for more than 10 years and together coming up on 15. So I like to think we're reached that comfortable state in any marriage where I can say things I know will bug her just for the amusement of the reaction.

Oh, come on, we all do it. She does it to me as well...

But my go to for about 7-8 months now is this phrase: "You know, I kinda hope Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination." This get me icy glares, and threats of divorce. If I'm feel particularly suicidal, I'll mention how I wouldn't mind him becoming president. That's generally good for a death threat or two.

Look, when I started cracking these jokes last summer I thought, along with every pundit in the Western hemisphere, that Trump would flame out in the Fall when the competition for the nomination heated up and all of his many, many character flaws and policy inconsistencies would come out into the light of day and that would be that.

If you ever wanted proof that it is possible to sell your soul to the devil for power, Trump is presenting a good case for it. It's the only explanation I have for his popularity at the moment.

But here's the thing, I really do want him to win the Republican nomination. And it's not because I think he would make a good president...let's be serious here. And it's not even for the amusement value that comes from being a smug Canadian watching the US blow itself up during what will surely be the weirdest election campaign in my lifetime.

No, I want it because I think Trump finally, finally might blow up and destroy the Republican party. And thank god for that.

I've linked to this before, but I always liked John Rogers blog piece from back in 2004 called "I Miss Republicans". And I agree with most of that piece. There's nothing wrong with people going "Whoa. Hey hey hey...have we thought this all the way through? Figured out what might happens and how much it's going to cost?" Nothing wrong with those people. They're good folks to have around. And I really do try to at least understand, if not agree with, both sides of an argument.

The current Republican party is about 95% batshit crazy. If you think climate change is a conspiracy, hate all Muslims as a matter of course, think unlimited assault rifle access is a good thing and oppose abortion no matter what the circumstances, up to and including incest and rape....then you, my friend, are part of a political party that has taken leave from reality. Or are at least part of a reality that I would prefer not intersect with mine.

And if you believe all those things and think Trump is just the man to get you all of those things, well, I'm not sure there's a word to accurately describe that level of delusion.

So yeah, bring on Trump. Make him the Republican nominee. I think he effectively destroys the Republican party, which I think is long past due. That party's more sane elements need to either control the lunatic fringe of their party, or walk away from it. Blow it up real good.

But yeah, I think Republicans stay away in droves from the polls in a Trump vs. Clinton race. Democrats would probably take back the Senate, maybe even make some serious headway in the heavily gerrymandered House. So yeah, bring him on.

And yes, there's always the risk that Trump becomes president. That Clinton continue her streak of being a really shitty campaigner or that Saunders wins the Democratic nomination and the US has a little brain fart over that.  I could almost go for President Trump because I think the 2020 election would be a horror show for Republicans and Elizabeth Warren, who I'd actually prefer to see as President, would win in a landslide.

But the amount of damage that nimrod could do in four, I just can't go there.

But no, let's roll those bones. Let's take a chance. Let's cheer for Trump. Even if my wife murders and divorces me...possibly in that order.

Besides, I'm still half convinced after the election he's going to announce this has been all one big prank and unveil the reality program to end all reality programs....

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