Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your day in religious wackiness

So let's see, first we have the Pope basically advocating murder by going to Africa and saying condoms are a bad idea and people should just practice abstinence instead. Because there aren't a half million studies out there saying abstinence programs are disastrous and never work or anything.

HIV is killing a continent. You fight it with whatever works. If condoms work, you use them. Saying not to is beyond idiocy.

Not that I've ever been a tremendous fan of the Catholic church, but this pope really does suck.

Next up....I enjoyed this header from Warren Ellis' blog - "Canada’s Sense Of Polite Superiority Over The US Suddenly Evaporates", and he then linked to a story about how our federal minister responsible for science is possibly a creationist. Now, Gary Goodyear is saying that of course he believes in evolution. And perhaps he does and this is all just a tempest in a tea pot. And lord knows my alarms went off because I do have the special hatred for creationists.

I really do hope it's nothing but something blown out of proportion. Because really, if it's proven that Canada's science minister is anti-science and a creationist, well, bring on the next federal election and put his face front and centre.

Finally, this is actually a fake christian crazy website (the "Find Sexy Gay Singles in your area" ad might be a tip off. But in a day of religious wackiness, this at least made me laugh.

Do you ever get the feeling that Chinese toy makers are just fucking with us sometimes?

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Bob Izumi Jr. said...

Another tip is that photo turned up on Failblog.org the other day. Also, no one is named Tyson Bowers III, not even a fundie.