Monday, March 30, 2009

Walrus naming

So as we approach the end of March, I'm getting ready to switch over the banner featuring our drunken walruses. We shot the new photo this weekend. In fact, Cathy's getting deeply into it and we ended up doing another "photo spread" of the walruses. We've even been planning out future photo shoots, so the little guys are here to stay. I'm not sure if they're the official mascots of the blog - the guy smashing his face against the keyboard has always been that - but they're now officially part of the blog.

However, it occurs to me that they don't have names. Nor do I have any idea what to call them. Naming things has never been a particular strong point of mine. Cathy and I spent about a week arguing about the dog's name before settling on Boo. And even now, if were to ask us, I suspect neither of us is still completely happy (Cathy still partial to Gandolf). Don't get me wrong, we obviously love the little bugger and he's always going to be Boo, but it was hard trying find a name that fit.

Same thing with the walruses. Which is why I'm throwing it open to the readers of the blog. Post your suggestions for all three walruses (Larry, Curly and Mo is right out) in the comments section. You have until the end of Thursday. Then, I'll put the names up as a poll on the blog and let readers vote on them.

I will even try and find something something to give away as a prize for the winning entry. No idea what, but I'll figure out something. And no, the walruses will not be given away as a prize.

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Megan said...

Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

Anonymous said...

John, George and Ringo. I mean come one, Paul isn't the Walrus.

John O said...

Might I humbly suggest Danny, Stephen and Regent?

Anonymous said...

Alternatively there is
Ivey, Vic, and Rosmarus.

(Aivik is Inuktitut for Walrus and rosmarus is their specific name - Odobenus rosmarus)

SRD said...

hmmm...the walruses are lovely, but I'm not so keen on the cutesy poses. more seriously, I really liked the photos you had used. would be nice to see more of those in your blogs.

towniebastard said...

Well, with the weather starting to get really nice around town, I can take more photos. Yes, you can take them when it's -40C, but it's hard on the camera and not exactly comfortable for the photographer.

But the weather has turned beautiful the past week and the light, especially an hour or so before sunset, is absolutely spectacular. I'll try and take my camera with me more.

I also have a bunch of photos from a couple of weeks ago that I simply forgot to post. I'll try and do that sometime over the next few days, if not this evening.

Lindsay said...

How about Jack, Gin, and Scotchy?

Anonymous said...

Curling nicknames:

-The Wrench
-The Hammer
-Huff n Puff (in honour of your sweeping this past weekend)

Way Way Up said...

Harpo, Iggy and Jack or perhaps Drink, Drank and Drunk.

Megan said...

Ooh, I like Drink, Drank and Drunk.

WJM said...

They better have Inuktitut names.

Really witty ones.

Mark said...

Jack, Janet and Chrissy

towniebastard said...

I'm acutally surprised no one has suggested Inuktitut names for them yet.

And of all the names suggested Jack, Janet and Chrissy is by far the scariest.

Ron said...

One has to be Wally (sorry that is how my mind works). Another should be Moses. I think the last should be Ezrah. Moses and Ezrah because they are names I hear alot up here and they seem like good names for three likely miscreants.

Anonymous said...

Well, technically no one has suggested inuktitut names. However I will point out that two of my names are based on Walrus in inuktitut.

Anonymous said...

How many suggestions may we make? Because another, more obscure, set of names would be Alice, Lewis and Carol

Anonymous said...

Name them after Townie Legends:

-Bucky King
-Johnny Gluebag
-Hobo Bill