Friday, March 20, 2009

My geekiness is getting in the way of my nerdiness

I'm robbing that subject header straight from Patton Oswalt, in case you're wondering.

So I've signed up for a curling bonspiel this weekend. And I'm trying to relax, just have some fun with it and not get to wrapped up in things. There are prizes, but the only thing I want - Canadian North plane tickets - are a door prize. So it doesn't matter how well, or poorly, we do.

Plus it's a chance to curl with my regular team one more time this season, which will be nice. I have another bonspiel next weekend, but that one is considerably more serious. The winner of that gets to represent Nunavut at a national curling championship in November. It'll be the first time adults (juniors curl in the Canada Winter Games) will represent the territory at a national curling event, so it's a big deal.

But this weekend is just fun. Although there was a moment of panic for the team when we discovered there were 14 teams playing. First, that's a great number, the highest amount we've had all season. However, it means there has to be two draws this evening to make sure all the teams get their first game in.

So there was panic among team members (OK, me) that I might miss the finale of Battlestar Galactica this evening. The finale starts at 9 pm and the second draw at the bonspiel starts at 8:45 pm. Dear God....

Fortunately, we're curling at 6:45, which means we should get off the ice in time for me to bolt home and catch the show. And if you're thinking I must have an excessively patient wife to put up with me rushing off to curling as soon as I get home from work and then rushing back after the game to spend two hours watching a show she neither understands nor cares about, then you would be very correct.

Dear God, let them land this show properly. It's such a hard thing to write a series finale. And this season, while starting off so well, has been really....unimpressive, over the past four episodes.

Curling and Battlestar Galactica this evening. All I need is a big pile of comic books in front of me to seal the deal.

One other thing, completely unrelated to BSG or curling, but its geeky and it both amuses and horrifies me. We're already in the very early planning stages of our 2010 vacation. Yes, we have Ottawa next month and Australia this summer, but it's never to soon to start looking at the next big one. And that one is Costa Rica and San Diego.

We're going to Costa Rica for obvious reasons. San Diego is because I'm hoping to get the massive Comic Con. Cathy wouldn't mind going for a day of people watching and I'm hoping to convince a few friends to come along for the ride. However, trying to prepared for the SDCC is beginning to look scarier and scarier.

This year's show is not until July 23-26. However, four day passes for the show sold out last week, a solid four months before the show. Yesterday, the hotel rooms allocated for the event went on sale. You can get some idea just how awful it was by reading the comments thread here. Let's just say it was a deeply ugly, slow, insane and frustrating affair.

It actually has me worried if we can pull it off next year. If not, we'll have to figure something out.

You know, I wish Hunter S. Thompson had gone to SDCC. That would be a story worth reading.

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Simon said...

The SF WorldCon is in Montreal this August. . . . not on your list?

towniebastard said...

It's a fair question. I just checked out the Worldcon site and...there's nothing there that really grabs me. There was a time I loved sci-fi as much as comics, but clearly the balance has shifted radically.

Plus, the big comic cons, like NYCC or SDCC are so much more than comics. It's TV, movies, video might as well call them Geek Cons. There's so much to see and do.

Worldcon looks positively sedate in comparison. I stand to be corrected, but I think I could do a day at Worldcon and be happy. I'll leave SDCC after 4 days exhausted, but likely frustrated at some of the things I missed.