Monday, March 02, 2009


I promise this will be the last post on my ongoing stomach flu. I suspect most of you are as tired of reading about it as I am of experiencing it. Feeling better today, although supper time will be the big challenge as I try to eat something other than crackers and toast for the first time since Thursday. I should step on the scales...I've probably lost five or six pounds in the past few days.

The rest of the day has just been spent trying to get back to feeling human. That includes a long, hot shower with every exfoliating product I could find. Cathy's a big fan of them and lo and behold, the damn things work. They're not just over-priced toiletries. Throw in that and a good shave and I'm almost human again.

But honestly, what helps the most right now is just sitting in the apartment, relaxing. Although it's -30C outside today, the sun has some serious pop and has melted the ice around one of the windows, so I'm able to get it open. I appreciate that it's not to everyone's taste, but letting some fresh air into the place, even if it is -30 air, does a nice job of cleansing the place. The apartment had been feeling stale and sick for the past week; which makes sense since myself and Cathy have been sick for a week.

Also, all the plants in the apartment have decided it must be spring and are exploding with growth, which makes me feel better, even if it mildly terrifies Cathy.

So hopefully things will be back to normal. It remains to be seen if I'll get to my swimming lessons tomorrow, but barring complete catastrophic relapse I'll be at curling Wednesday as it is a play-off game.

(And yes, I did watch some of the Women's final last night. I reiterate what I said when Jennifer Jones managed to beat PEI in a tie breaker on Friday...someone needs to put her through a metal detector to find where she has the horseshoe hidden.)

And now, back to reading Usagi Yojimbo and dreaming of what my first real meal will be in a day or two...I'm leaning towards a large steak right now. Although a nice turkey sandwich wouldn't go astray either.

Last Five
1. Love theme from TPOH - The Pursuit of Happiness
2. November rain - Guns 'n Roses
3. Accidents will happen - The Von Bondies
4. Raspberry beret - Prince
5. Fly me to the moon (live) - Frank Sinatra*

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