Sunday, March 22, 2009

Your weekend recap

Gah, this might be the longest I've gone without posting in a bit. But I spent most of yesterday at the curling club and spent most of today without internet. I think something happened to internet service in Iqaluit as we were without and a nearby unsecured wifi network, that I think is on Qiniq, was also down. Which made for a mildly frustrating.

As for the weekend, well, curling didn't exactly go as planned. We won the first game, but the second one got away from us. And then we had to play another game 20 minutes after losing that. And we were done. First time this year we've been blown out of a game, but we had nothing left in the tanks and the team we were playing were making everything in sight. So no bonspiel glory this time.

As for the prizes, there was actually five plane tickets up for grabs. And I won none of them. Ah well. Four were door prizes, but the fifth was kind of fun. They decided to do a frozen foot draw. The purpose? You take off your sliding shoe and sock, put your bare foot on the ice and then throw your rock. Closest to the button wins a plane ticket. It's much harder than it seems. Most people hogged their rocks or threw them through. It was $10 a shot with all the money going to the food bank. We raised, I think, more than $700. I didn't win the ticket, but I think I was about fourth closest when all was said and done. So not bad.

So it was a good weekend. Next weekend, the play down for the Dominion Club Championship in the fall.

As for the rest, I finally got to see the finale of Battlestar Galactica. I was late getting home Friday and missed it, but one of the players on my team burned a copy of the show for me. My brain is kind of reeling from that. There will be people who nitpick of quibble over some elements of the show, but man, they managed to land that sucker. And that's so hard to do. Far more have failed (X-Files, I'm looking at you) than actually get it right. Tons of cool action, lots of touching scenes (if you weren't getting misty with some of the Adama/Roslin moments, you have no heart) and managed to wrap up most of the major plot points, plus pull a view mind-fuck moments.

I'd consider that a pretty successful conclusion to things.

I'm looking forward to the complete BSG on DVD, which I assume will probably be coming out in time for Christmas. At least Cathy won't have to wonder what to get me this year.

And that's it, really. Nothing else exciting. Today was especially relaxing, just lounging around the apartment, enjoying all the daylight streaming into the place. It's nice to have "spring" here. Not so much for the warmth, as it was about -40C with windchill today, but for the daylight. It makes the place feel warmer.

Last Five
1. I understand - Sloan
2. Rich woman - Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
3. Sketchy Jerome - Colleen Power
4. Bend and break - Keane
5. A common disaster - Cowboy Junkies*


KOTN said...

BDG line:

"Doctor, you have a one track mind."Best

towniebastard said...

Nah, the best line was either:

"You can see them too?"


"Let's not tell her the plan, all right?"

I'm already enjoying some of the freaking out and debating online. The best conspiracy theory so far is that it wasn't "God" behind all of this, but the other fellow. You know, the one who hates being called "God".

There's enough to chew on in those two hours that I'm going to have to rewatch it to catch the stuff I missed.