Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Pat's

Just a quick note of reminder - something I should have done on Friday - that the St Patrick's Day Drunk Dial is now taking place and will run until March 23. Just in case you plan on doing some serious partying for the good saint's big day.

Details can be found following the link, but essentially call the toll-free number and leave your drunken ramblings on the machine. If you have the best drunken rambling then you could win a prize. And Dups, the "genius" behind this grand scheme is offering up real prize money this year.

I plan on entering it, although I may not actually be drunk when I call. And I have my call all planned. All I need are the singers.

Most of the calls are put online for people to listen to. When mine is put up, I'll be sure to link to it.

Anyway, go and call now. Drunk people are awaiting your call. And yes I know it's 8 a.m. when I post this. I'm serious when I say "drunk people are waiting for your call." These are my friends running this. I know them. Odds are, they haven't been sober since last Friday and won't be all this week.

Last Five
1. I need you - The Beatles
2. I still haven't found what I'm looking for (live) - U2
3. Hopeless - KT Tunstall
4. Old time sake - Kathleen Edwards
5. October - U2

1 comment:

Matthew and Michele said...

Ahhhh ethics.

I would have tried returning the books. Trying to do the ethical thing can be alot of fun because the companies you have to deal with don't know how to deal with honesty.

If chapetes told me don't worry about it or didn't take it seriously then fair game on the books.

Just my two cents.