Friday, March 20, 2009

Not too late

The St. Patrick's Day Drunk Dial is still going on. You have until Sunday to call in and leave your best drunken rambling. I still haven't done it myself, which is shocking. I have to try and find time this weekend to do it.

And if you haven't and you're wondering what it's all about, Dups, the man organizing it, managed to get a piece on Global earlier this week. Here it is.

Dups is one of my best friends and I never cease to be in awe of his utter imperviousness to embarrassment.

Last Five
1. Oh Mary - Neil Diamond*
2. When I get home - The Beatles
3. Book of love - Peter Gabriel
4. Better than heaven - Bloc Party
5. Intervention - Arcade Fire


dups said...

"Impervious to embarassment..." That's probably one of the nicest ways one could have put that :)

I guess when I run for prime minister this might be considered a problem. Oh well. Good thing that'll be a few years from now... maybe people will forget.

Don't forget to get your entry in Craig... we're all dying to hear it!

dups said...

Got your entry. Will you win this year? :D

Anonymous said...

Too. Much. Time. On. Hands.