Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've spent about 10 hours at the curling club today, so I'm hurting now, but I suspect that's nothing compared to what I'll be feeling tomorrow.

It was a bit of a different bonspiel...not a seriously competitive one, with only eight teams. However, one didn't show up and a couple of teams were short players. So it ended up being something a bit different. Six teams doing a round robin. Each game was only four ends. Which worked out surprisingly well, actually.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that we went 5-0. Yes, the revamped Team Shattered Dreams is doing well this year. With a bit of help today from a couple of spares who helped out. I am, obviously, feeling pretty happy with the days results. We all played well and had fun. So all was good.

Plus there was a prize table at the end and as winners we got to have first crack. So from our glorious curling victory I have provided my woman with a sandwich maker. Because I guess that's what a man does...spends all day curling and then brings something home for his woman. Because really, who doesn't want a sandwich maker?

Well, the sandwich maker seemed like the best option. And hey, she used it to make a grilled cheese sandwich this evening. So mission accomplished.

Anyway, we had fun. That was the big thing. And barring weirdness, that's your last curling up date for the year.

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The Perfect Storm said...

TB - you might want to avail yourself of this Youtube viral marketing video before you bring home any more sandwich makers for the little lady!