Thursday, December 11, 2008


Neither myself of Cathy have been in much of a fit mood the last couple of days. We haven't been taking it out on each other, but we both recognize that we're not exactly rays of sunshine. We are both, for lack of a better word, grumpy.

I think we both know where Cathy's is coming from. It's getting near the end of the school semester and things are starting to get crazy. It's stressful time of the year and things can wear on your nerves. I think she'll be happier once the Christmas concert and that stress is over with.

But me, I'm not quite so sure. And it's not like I haven't a had few good things things happen. Had a good game of curling on Wednesday. Came back from a 5-2 deficit after five ends to win 8-5. And I like the team I'm with this year. I joined team Shattered Dreams and it's fun. Brandon is doing well, with the right motivation - ie. I told him if he threw another rock light the sweepers were going to kill him.

Lo and behold, perfect draw weight on his next two shots. It's all about the proper motivation.

And Steph is doing great. Aside from playing well, she's mostly keeping me from getting annoyed with my shot making by chatting about different stuff.

So it's good, and yet, I'm still annoyed. I thought finally going to see Quantum of Solace this evening might cheer me up. Not really as the movie kind of frustrated me. I wasn't expecting it to be as good Casino Royale - that's a Top 3 all-time Bond movie. But I wasn't expecting something this...disjointed. There were a few nice moments, but far too many frustrations. I mostly blame the director, who has no sense of how to handle an action scene, although the screenplay did him no favours either.

It's like the lesson they took from Casino Royale was all the cool action sequences and forgot the quiet moments. My absolute favourite scene in that movie was the one on the train where Bond and Vesper meet for the first time. There was none of that in this movie. Which is too bad. A deeply missed opportunity.

So yeah, the movie didn't do much to improve the mood.

It's a funk and these things happen. Hell, it could just be the full moon this evening. And I'm sure it will pass. But right now, just not a happy camper.

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2. Four winds - Bright Eyes
3. Trouble braids - Tom Waits
4. Kitty - The Pogues
5. London calling (live) - Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello*

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Karen said...

Hi--I just found your blog and I love it! So sorry about your inlaws. I had something similar happen a few years ago. I worked for a local non-profit in Yonkers NY and--at a totally local event--an ice cream vendor from about 300 miles away demanded that we not serve the ice cream that we had served for years at the event (long story short--the company that I worked for has a jobs program that makes all the brownies for Ben & Jerrys--it's a great story). I had to put my foot down and--althoug there was an outrageous shit storm--we were able to give out our treats. I'll bet you a buck that your inlaws clients will raise the storm for them.

Sorry about your dogs butt. That sucks. There's something about the whole idea of anal glands that totally creeps me out. You have my deepest sympathies.