Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas sloth continues

I'm not sure how a day where I had nothing to do managed to go quite so fast and that the few things that I needed to get done there didn't seem to be time for. I was going to get some writing done on the novel. Didn't happen. I was going to write the Moving to Iqaluit FAQ. Didn't happen. I was going to load a bunch of pictures on the digital picture frame we got for Christmas. Never happened.

About the only thing accomplished was playing on the Wii Fit for about half an hour, where I magically managed to go from a Wii Fit age of 45 yesterday, to 24 today. Alas, it's a pity that the real world doesn't work in quite the same way. Then again, as I recall, being 24 was not a good time for me.

There's nothing wrong with this level of sloth. It is the holidays, after all. Still, this amount of time off and ability to just lounge around the penthouse is a luxury. And I hate to waste it. So yeah, Saturday and Sunday I really should plan out and do a few things.

Although not much outside. It was -53 with wind chill today. Gah.

By the way, one of the weird things I forgot to mention yesterday that Arctic Ventures was open. So was the Snack. Remember when nothing was open on Christmas Day? You were lucky if you could find a gas station open. It seems like there was a few things open here yesterday. Must have sucked to have had to work. I hope they at least got paid well for it.

And now, I will go and watch WALL-E. And, you know, try and do something productive tomorrow.


John Andrews said...

Not a bad reason to blow a day.
I enjoyed it.

Kate Nova said...

I tried out the Wii Fit at a friend's over Christmas... my Wii Fit age was 46. :(
Time for some more yoga.
Also, I like your Iqaluit FAQ post and agree with most of it.
And my two fave online shopping places, to add to it:
Oh, and amazon of course.
Happy New Year!