Monday, December 08, 2008

Lucky bastards

If you want the very definition of being lucky, I think these two guys might very well be it.

Surviving a plan crash is one thing. Surviving one where your plane apparently lands on ice in the Arctic Ocean (it might actually be the North Atlantic, but it is the very, very, very fucking far North Atlantic, all right?) is another. Doing this in December and then surviving an additional 18 hours in a life raft while waiting to be rescued?

Unreal. I mean it, deeply, seriously unreal. When I first heard about the crash this morning my first thought was "I hope they manage to find the bodies for their families." And they did. It's just that they still had a pulse.

I don't toss the phrase "Christmas miracle" around too much, but stuff like this is almost enough to make me believe in a higher power. Of course, miralces are somewhat aided when it seems this guys had the proper equipment to survive. A life raft, life jackets and neoprene survival suits helps the miracle along quite a bit.

Still, lucky, lucky bastards. And Merry Christmas.

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Craig Westcott said...

Craig, leave it to you to make me laugh at something as serious as a plane crash.

towniebastard said...

I think it helps to not have anyone die during the plane crash.