Saturday, December 06, 2008


There was a kerfuffle earlier this week among some northern blogs about some writings from a person down south. Now, I'm from Newfoundland, so I have some experience in dealing with these matters and this person in particular.

You must be zen. Or, as the Dude might say, abide.

Look the human reaction is to lose your shit a little bit in the face of these things. I know better and I still had a five minute moment of weakness where I fired off a few emails to friends when I read what it said when I really shouldn't have. But you must do the hard thing. And that's not to take the high road. That's to completely ignore its existence. It is no longer part of your world. You do no acknowledge it's real. Ideally, if you reach a suitable state, you shouldn't even notice it whatsoever.

It's hard, I know, and takes years and years of practice. But Newfoundlanders have had decades of experience. We might not have achieved Nirvana, but we've learned the trick to ignoring its existence. Really your life is much better.

"But this person is racist, and it's lying and crazy and..."

Stop right there. You hit the nail on the head with the last point. Crazy. No rational person pays any attention to what it has to say. No one. It makes a lot of big noise, but not one takes it seriously. It makes no real difference in the world, contrary to what it might believe.

I really do understand the urge to stand up to lies and injustice. To fight back against untruths and set the record straight. I've done it my fair share of times. It's a noble cause. But there are times when you have to assess the situation and realize that this is not a person to be taken seriously. No one really takes this person seriously, especially people who are of any influence in the world. This is like arguing with a conspiracy theorist. At some point you simply have to go "Why am I wasting my time arguing about this shit?"

You diminish yourself by engaging in the argument. No kidding, you really do. You only give the person your attention and draw the attention of others. Essentially you're helping the person by giving it the attention it craves, which is really the last thing you want.

So, dudes, abide. Seriously.

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Jackie S. Quire said...

Exactly what I've been saying. You can't get too worked up because the man may very well be CERTIFIABLY insane.

Then it's just funny... and a little bit sad.

The Perfect Storm said...

Don't know what this is in reference to, but I agree with the sentiment. "Remove negativity from your life" is the mantra that I've used to deal with such situations.

Self-reinforcing ignorance breeds the kinds of things that I assume you are refering to. They don't readily lend themselves to improving.

Or, said another way, "Don't wrestle in the mud with a pig. It only gets you dirty and annoys the pig".

You only attract greater negativity into your life from a pig who now knows who to annoy further.

Great blog by the way. I've been lurking on several northern blogs for a while as I'd anticipated doing some work in Iqaluit. The gig didn't pan out but I've become hooked!


Bob Izumi Jr. said...

Your new nickname: The Big LeBastard.

towniebastard said...

I'm not pretending I practice what I preach all the time. I'm not above a good vendetta or picking an argument. But there are certain people you do not do this with. And I think I've outlined the guidelines well enough on who that type is.

And I do not name it. Naming it gives it power, and you do not do that sort of thing with this kind of person.

And Elvis, I prefer Mr. Bastard, but it must be said with a sinister accent.

Jackie S. Quire said...

I don't know TB, "the big leBastard" got a giant cackle out of me ... hundreds of kms away...

I think it's a keeper.

KOTN said...

If we are talking abnou the same lunatic, I used it in a story.... and when I referred to him as "Captain" is used finger quotes :)

towniebastard said...

I'm probably guilty of this during my "illustrious" journalism career, give it coverage, but it simply shouldn't be covered by media. It is out on the absolute lunatic fringe of its movement.

Reporters don't cover 9/11 conspiracy theorists unless they're put in the proper context. This person is out there somewhere beyond those conspiracy theorists. And it craves's the only way it can survive.

Not everyone deserves the attention of the media. It would certainly fall under that categoy.