Monday, December 15, 2008

Oozing on out the door

It can almost be easy, in the last miserable days of his presidency, to forget that George W. Bush is a prick. He's been doing public appearances and acting more like a clown than a president. And yeah, he had shoes thrown at him in Iraq yesterday. And let's face it, the visual of the man ducking flying shoes is funny.

And then he pops up and makes a quip that they're a size 10. Almost amusing. Until you read this report about how the president authorized torture. Then you're amazed it was only shoes that Iraqi journalist threw.

And yeah, the US economy is in freefall and there's word that America's debt has doubled in the eight years this idiot was in office. There are some who are grumbling that the White House isn't doing anything to help during this economic crisis, but really, I think most people are glad that Obama appears to be the de facto president right now. About the worse thing in the world to happen would be Bush standing up and saying "Doncha y'all worry none, I'm the Decider...yor Commander-in-Chief, and I've got this under control."

The previous freefall would be nothing in comparison.

So you figure that surely God that must be the icing on the cake of his presidency. Ducking flying shoes, a report making him complicit in torture, acting like an ass, a massive debt and a crashing economy. Surely there is no more one man can do when eking out the final miserable days of his presidency. Right?


So it seems Bush is giving Obama a going away gift of a bunch of "Midnight Regulations" - a bunch of stuff for supporters of his that he's ramming through at the last minute, that he doesn't need Congresses approval of. You know, like make it easier to dump coal waste, being able to build coal-fired plants next to national parks, allowing people to carry concealed weapons in national parks, opening up areas for new oil drilling, etc.

Rolling Stone pretty much nailed it by calling it Bush's final "Fuck you" to America in general, and Obama specifically. I was a touch skeptical on the story because Rolling Stone hates Bush with the fire of a thousand suns, but the Guardian is on it now, and with any luck other media might jump on this and hopefully embarrass Bush into stopping this.

Yeah, fat chance.

Can Obama overturn most of these regulations? Sure, but it'll take months, it won't be easy, damage will be done in the meantime and, hey, the man has bigger fish to fry. His first term is pretty much going to be all about fixing the mistakes Bush made before this latest crap onslaught. To do more now, well, just in case you had any further doubts about Bush being the most massive prick you will ever see in your life....

I'm not even American and I hate him so much I can taste it. I agree with Jon Stewart...can he go now, please?

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Way Way Up said...

(sigh).....if only the guy had had better aim.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I love that video!

Anonymous said...

The guy has spent his whole adult life ducking things. So his move was only a natural.