Monday, July 02, 2007

Post Canada Day

So the massive anti-Newfoundland nationalist rant didn't appear yesterday. I have it written and it is a lovely piece of ranting, if I do say so myself. But I choose to spike it. Couple of reasons for that. One, I was feeling a touch mellow yesterday. More on that below. And two, I read this post by Dups on the anniversary of him becoming a Canadian citizen.

Much of my rant was about how if you want to appreciate Canada, talk to someone who choose to give up their country and previous life just to be here. I suspect many immigrants few Newfoundland nationalists as insane, and they wouldn't be far off base. No, read what Dups has to say and, if you feel so inclined listen to the Outfront piece I did about the big day. I had a few technical problems playing it, but maybe it's my computer. And maybe it's just as well. Christ, my narration sounds forced and awkward.

That's the best rebuttal I have. Canada is a great country, warts and all. People in Newfoundland need to chill the fuck out.

As for the reason for being mellow was Cathy and Boo's departure yesterday. They arrived in St. John's safe and sound and two hours late thanks to Air Canada, but they're home. Just in case you're looking for them.

So this marks our annual month apart and I was feeling a touch...down, yesterday. I know there are people who have it worse. Those with a spouse in the military who have to deal with six month tours. Those who family in Alberta dealing with six weeks on, two weeks off. And those with spouses on Hibernia or Terra Nova who have the three weeks on, three weeks off to deal with. Plus, this is voluntary. Cathy could stay here for the rest of this month if she wants.

But it's best for both of us in the long run that she goes home, as staying here would result in her going mad from boredom. Iqaluit is a nice enough town, but if you've been here awhile and have hours and hours a day to kill, every day, it'll test your sanity.

So she's home and I was missing her yesterday. I'll enjoy having the place to myself for the next week or so, and then I'll start looking forward to heading home at the beginning of August.

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N.I.N. said...

Newfoundland Nationalism is a popular bumpersticker and T-shirt... I, in fact, have the entire set. However, there is no one who is willing to take that real plunge and cut the cord. We were all taught what happened last time, and with the politicians "in office" now, I really wouldn't follow any of them into the void.

If there comes a day where it is is a truely populist sentiment, it will come. If not, it will at least keep a few t-shirt manufacturers in business.