Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A stroll along the beach

So Monday was Nunavut Day. And while there were plenty of activities going on, I tended to stray away from them.

No doubt this will fire up some of the "only children are damaged" debate, but I get like this when I'm solo as I am right now. I'm happily married, however it's been a long, patient struggle on both myself and Cathy's part to overcome my loner tendencies. I very much value my privacy and time alone. Some people can't handle being alone and have to be out and about. I couldn't be more comfortable being on my own. I have endless things to entertain me.

So when I swung over to the Legislature looking for a muskox burger (alas, I arrived too late) and then headed over the the Cadet Hall to see what was happening, I actually got a touch uncomfortable with all the people there.

It's a basic introvert vs. extrovert thing. I could have overcome my introvert tendencies, stuck around and mingled with people and played a few games. But it honestly would have meant dipping into my reserves and to hell with it, it was a day off.

So instead I found myself strolling down towards the beach to see if the ice had cleared away from the beach. It hadn't. In fact, talking to a couple of people, I found it the barge tried to come ashore at high tide, but the little remaining ice in the bay shifted and range aground near the beach, making it impossible.

The sealift folks must be going crazy. the vessels have been offshore for the better part of a week now. The bay is mostly ice free. It's just what's left is stubbornly hang on around the beach, making unloading impossible

The next hour or so was just a pleasant stroll down the beach, taking photos of things that caught my eye until I made it to the breakwater. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. Perhaps not the most social, but I was relaxed when I got home. Plus, I think I got some nice pictures.

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