Sunday, July 29, 2007

More con

Sorry, I can't help myself with this con stuff. My inner geek is bursting with envy.

Anyway, enjoy this while you can as there's no telling when the studio will pull the plug on this. It's a preview of next year's Iron Man movie, staring Robert Downey Jr, among many others. It's pretty crappy footage shot by a guy with a camcorder. But it still looks pretty cool and you can hear how excited the audience is by what they're seeing.

I always knew Downey would be good choice for the role of Tony Stark. He's got the right level of charm, arrogance and wit to make it work.

Let's see, what about a few people blogging about their experiences at the con that I've been enjoying - Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton and Bully, a stuffed, well, Bull.

For every very weird costume...

There's at least one family friendly one.

And finally, best quote of the con so far, of course, from Warren Ellis.

And the bay, which has featured military vessels from time to time. I may have occasionally stood at the window with a small drink in my hand exhorting them to turn their guns on the con center. Because you can't trust those furries. Any one of them could be Osama. Open up the big cannons on the fuckers and let their yiffy god sort them out.

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Jason Hickman said...

Heh. That little boy in the Incredibles family shot looks just thrilled to be taking part, doesn't he?

He may as well be holding up a sign saying "Please God, don't let any of my classmates see this photo, or I'll be hearing about it till high school graduation..."