Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Your mid-day links…

1. I love this woman. Two bears in as many weeks. The thing that sells it is the quote. "I went over and said, 'Ooh, my God, you little devil — not saucy, I know, coming around the camp when [I'm] working.' " Brilliant. I wonder what the odds are of her landing the trifecta…

2. This week marks the 50th anniversary of the greatest cartoon ever made (although I have a soft spot for "The Rabbit of Seville") – "What's Opera, doc?". The Toronto Star has a lovely story talking about the impact of the cartoon and how they managed to get away with producing it back then. And, quite rightly, that the odds of it getting made today is very, very slim.

For as long as it lasts, here's the video.

3. This couple travelled from Boston to come and see the White Stripes. Other than admiration for their dedication, the link is also noteworthy because they have some pretty nice photos and video of the concert. That alone makes it worth a quick hop over to their site.

4. In case you needed more proof that the new pope is a dick.

5. Somewhere Donnie Power is going "I could have told you that years ago". I imagine he's already deep into his research that an at work beer or three can also greatly enhance productivity. Remember Donnie, if it's less than five beer, it's not binge drinking.

6. Why Blu-Ray will win the high definition DVD battle.

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