Monday, July 30, 2007

Time flies

This time last year myself and Cathy were setting off to do some exploring around San Francisco. It was, as I recall, a nice day bumbling around Fisherman's Wharf, followed by me getting a sunburn because I failed to wear a hat, cued up by dinner at a restaurant where Cathy had to explain to the bartender how to make a Caesar.

As ways of celebrating your first wedding anniversary go, it wasn't a bad way to do things. Certainly much better than how we're celebrating our second anniversary, which is to say being celebrated by a couple of thousand kilometres. We knew ages ago that it was going to work out this way. Still, it kind of sucks. I tend to make a bigger deal out of events like this than she does (although to her credit, she remembered the anniversary. She'll be the first to admit she has a terrible memory for dates), but I think we both would have liked to have been together today.

Not that there would be a big gift exchange or anything like that. We likely would have just had a nice normal day, gone out somewhere nice for supper (which we'll do this Saturday when I get home) and have just generally been content in the knowledge that two years in our marriage seems to be going pretty well. And that makes me pretty happy.

At least we'll make up for this year for our third anniversary if all goes according to plan. We should be somewhere in Italy for that anniversary. Which isn't too shabby at all.

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, I've opened the comments section up again to anonymous comments. I know not everyone has a blogger account, and I do like the feedback. I only closed it while I was reading the last Potter book. The usual caveat, of course. If I get abusive anonymous comments then I will close it again.

Edit: I nearly forgot, we are doing 2nd anniversary CDs for a select few people. However, as it will be several weeks until some of them can get their CDs I'm holding off saying what this year's playlist is. Once most of them have their discs, I'll post it on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Just last week I heard on CBC radio that the caesar is a Canadian invention. And it is known as the clamdigger in the States.

Happy Anniversary! Cheers!

nadinebc said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoy your blog.

Kate Nova said...

Happy anniversary!

dups said...

happy anniversary


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