Monday, July 09, 2007


Is The Express back?

The reason I ask is that I was checking links last night and clicked on The Express one for the first time in ages, just to see if Transcon had wiped out the page completely. Much to my surprise, there is new content on the site from someone called Albert D Barr doing something called "24 Days of Beer". There's also the insinuation that he has a female boss of some sort.

There also appears to be, I think, "new" copy under the Food and Drink section and the Home and Garden one. I put new in quotes as I recognize the source and so should most people in the media. We all get these magazines with discs. Metro Express, I think is the name. It contains advertorial copy that papers can use when they have space to fill. "Looking for the perfect electronics gift for Father's Day?" along with a help list of suggestions that advertisers have paid for to have placed in the copy. Papers tend to use it when they're short of time or copy in special suppliments like Christmas, end of school, gardening season, etc.

I don't know if this is just an online thing right now, or if there are printed copies out there somewhere. This is starting to look suspiciously like an ad rag. I was upset when the killed The Express back in March, but had made my peace with it.

Christ, it will suck if they bring back the paper and it's this thin shell of a thing, where even the copy is designed to sell adds. It feels like fucking a corpse or something....

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