Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She's stealthy

Stayed home today as I woke up, felt like crap, called in sick and proceeded to sleep for another five hours. It's not often I'll sleep for 13 hours with hardly any interruption, so it's safe to say I'm fighting something.

I forgot to mention an amusing conversation I had with Cathy a couple of days ago. I'd type it up as a "Conversation with Cathy", but I forgot the exact details of who said what, just that it amused me greatly.

As I might have mentioned before, we're going on a cruise over Christmas this year. The original plan was to do a Panama Canal cruise, however that's not happening. We can't find a cruise ship going through the canal during our admittedly limited window. So we've been looking at some south Caribbean trips.

I've done some research and so has Cathy. She's gone to a travel agent in St. John's and we've narrowed it down to one or two trips. One of them starts on Dec. 24. However, her vacation time begins Dec. 20. Which I thought was a nice window to get to Florida. Weather up here in December can be very volatile, so it's nice to have the extra couple of days cushioning.

Cathy had other thoughts. Which lead to a delightfully coy conversation where she pointed out that instead of flying straight into Fort Lauderdale, we could instead, y'know, fly into Orlando. And maybe, y'know, kill a day or two as Disney or Epcott before getting on the cruise.

I laughed for about five minutes. I really can't do justice to the voice she used. Coy, sly and amused all at the same time. And really, how can I say no to such brazenness.

So it appears for the second time in less than 18 months we will be visiting a Disney. At least I'm somewhat reassured that she won't try and squeeze Euro Disney into our Italian trip next year. She's already been there and thought it sucked. And hey, at least it's not a Disney cruise.

So, barring any changes, Disney and 11 days on a cruise ship. Not a bad way to spend the holidays.

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