Friday, July 06, 2007

Just go out next Tuesday

I haven’t said anything about Canadian Idol the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been watching much television the last week or so. When I do flip it on it’s to either watch a movie or play some Wii. So Canadian Idol has blissfully slipped off my radar.

Until yesterday.

I’ve been meaning to post a “Do not vote for Tara Oram for the sake of Newfoundland” rant, but between forgetting and just hoping that natural selection would take its course it hasn’t happened. I guess I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, she would get voted out all on her own and I wouldn’t have to be a cruel, evil man. But no, she appears to be lingering.

But then I read this story on VOCM. The first paragraph pretty much told me she survived and I made a passing mental note that maybe next week I needed to put up the anti-Oram screed.

But it was the second paragraph that got me. It’s the paragraph where “Reg” called Open Line to express concern over his inability to get through and vote. So now he’s wondering how many votes Oram might have lost. It’s a slippery slope until we’re once again getting to conspiracy theories about how CTV and the phone companies are out to get Newfoundlanders and I fear this is the first step.

So once again, just to save potential embarrassment and national mocking down the road, could we please just not vote for her? Yes, I’m a mean bastard, dashing the dreams of a young woman trying to make it the music business.

Hello? Have you seen the name of the blog. Bastard is there for a reason. Besides, if this is the worst that happens to her the music industry – a blogger campaigning, and hopefully succeeding, in getting her voted off a reality TV show - then she’s leading a miraculously charmed life.

Besides, if you’re feeling that guilty, go to Fred’s and buy some local music. Or head down to the Ship and see a band. It’s what I plan on doing to ease my conscience when I get home next month.

In the meantime, it’s July. Why not just go outside next week instead of staying home and voting. You’ll be doing the province a favour in the long run. Trust me.

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Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree on you with this one. I am normally gung ho about canadian idol. I saw Melissa and Rex in concert.I will go as far to say I kinda liked craig and Jason as well. However, Tara is just not cutting it. I've heard people sing better at a local bar here in the Boonies. Think it's time she bids farewell!