Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Surviving Bush

It's odd that I have so many friends all around the world and yet, very few American friends. It's not any silly anti-American bias, just one of those odd lucks of the draw.

And yet, it was my one American friend, who is a very cool chick, whose sanity I was concerned about yesterday. Granted, she's a Democrat living in the deeply Republican mid-west, so on any given day I wonder if she isn't going to snap.

But this story caused me to wonder if she might not go around the bend. I remember when Libby was first charged getting an email from her filled with joy. And when was found guilty I swear I could hear the screams from up here.

I can't imagine what it's been like living in Bush America these past six years, especially if you're of a moderate or slightly left leaning bent. And by moderate, I mean Stephen Harper moderate. Jack Layton is a pink-o communist in most parts of the US.

Anyway, it's been brutally hard. I have an idea of what it's been like for her. There have been few solaces during that time. Bush is now lame duck and Democrats controlling Congress does help. But it was Libby was going to jail that seem to offer some hope. That maybe, just maybe, he might take a few senior White House schmucks (Hi Karl Rove and Dick Cheney) with him before going to jail.

Now that isn't happening. Libby has gotten away with a crime and there's no chance in hell that anything is going to happen to Bush officials while they're in office.

As always, John Rogers has it spot on. It's not so much that Bush believes Libby is innocent and got railroaded. That's one thing. Bush knows Libby is guilty and just doesn't give a shit.

(Rogers is also putting his money where is mouth is. He's getting a lot of traffic with that post, from both supporters and haters. So he's offering to match donations to Fisher House, which helps families of soldiers wounded in Iraq. He also has an amusing take on that as well.)

That's what's so frustrating to Rogers, my friend and many other Americans. That this is a president that just doesn't seem to give a fuck what people think any more. That Paris Hilton got more jail time than Libby says something. What, I don't exactly no. If I dwell on it too much I will go mad.

Seventy per cent of the country thinks he's doing a terrible job. And Bush just doesn't give a fuck anymore. And if you don't believe that, then you're not seeing what this decision is all about.

And that's why I feared for me friend yesterday. Because honestly, there's only so much of that you can take from your government before the only option is to go mad. However, she seems to be all right. And I'm glad to hear it.

Fortunately she has option #2. She's married to a Canadian. And after days like yesterday, I wonder how much longer she can last before fleeing up here.

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That this is a president that just doesn't seem to give a fuck what people think any more.

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