Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rain on me

Just before I left work at lunch time Tom Waits began to croak via my iPod "Why's it always got to rain on me?", which was appropriate enough given the weather outside. Raining again in Iqaluit. The weather has been almost unrelenting unpleasant for most of July. When there hasn't been ice lingering for weeks longer than anticipated, it's either been foggy, cloudy, raining or cold. And, in some magical cases, all of it at once. I actually saw ice back in the bay today. It's July 26. That's really depressing.

I know people like to lament about the weather. It's a grand Canadian tradition. Hell, it's apparently also the last refuge for bloggers with nothing better to talk about. I've been hearing some complaining back in Newfoundland about the summer they're having so far.

But I think it's worse if you live here. The window for summer in Iqaluit is very, very narrow. Much more narrow than Newfoundland. You have July and August. That's it. Sometimes you don't even get that. So having a sucky month, as we are right now, tends to get people down. When you have a short summer, you really savor it.

But all this rain and cold takes the joy out of things. Iqaluit is not a town at its best when it rains. It gets mucky everywhere and the roads quickly become filled with potholes. Even when it gets sunny now, there's so many standing pools of water that swarms of mosquitoes spring forth in numbers large enough to carry off a decent sized caribou.

So yes, summer 07 is a fairly dismal affair so far.

On a positive note, I finally got my Harry Potter this afternoon. The one Cathy sent me via Expresspost. This blog is being written during a short break from the book, otherwise I'm just going to burn through it and not enjoy it as I should.

The downside is my request to Chapters to cancel my order was apparently rejected another copy is on the way. It was sent five days after the initial release date. I'm more than a little annoyed by that. Annoyed enough that the book is coming home with me and is being returned to Chapters in St. John's, which I can do, apparently.

Anyway, I'm off to read some more Potter and listen to the rain pelt down.


Curtis Groom said...

Seems like your problems with Chapters may be very well founded. After reading your Blog on Sunday night I went to amazon and ordered the book. It arrived Wednesday, I realize thats fast for anything to arrive in the north but 5 days to even ship it, thats disappointing. I personally don't use Chapters at all anymore. Finally a question for the geek in you, the book "Good Omens"?, who added the humor into that writing team? I've participated in almost all of giaman's "graphic novels" but that book had such a wildly funny side I wasn't sure who to attribute the cudo's to Prachette or Giaman. The humor seemed a little subtle for Prachette who like's to hit you over the head with his disk-world humor.
And finally to plagerize, "Anyway, I'm off to read some more Potter and listen to the rain pelt down.", I'm in total agreement, this is one sucky northern summer.
Take Care

Heather Leask Armstrong said...

The weather has been so awful here in southern Manitoba that we were regretting our decision not to pursue an interview for a job in Iqaluit for almost that reason alone. But, now that I've read your weather sucks too... well. I think I'd trade rain for a humidex rating that makes it the equivalent of +50. Finished reading H.P. Interested in your review...