Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pictures of recent days...

It's the last day before Cathy goes home and I don't get to see her for five weeks. You were expecting something wordy this evening?

Some random pictures of recent days.

Boo discovers the doggy joys of sticking his head out the window.

The sun was actually out for the first time in weeks today. So the light on this Inukshuk is actually quite nice.

Purple saxifrage is not all over the place and adds some much needed colour.

Sorry, forget what the name of this plant is called. I haven't seen much around, so it's obviously early in the season for it.

I was recently asked for a picture of the two of us and it dawned on me that the last one we have was taken is Disneyland last August. So here's our yearly update of us as a couple.

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Kara and Matt said...

Hello again Consumer Whore,

Since your advice before about the ipod was so good, I thought I would come back for more!

We want to buy a photo shop program while we are out. There seem to be a million choices. Any ideas about which are good?