Thursday, June 28, 2007

White Stripes follow-up

A couple of things to add since my rather quick post of this morning.

First, hello to the many people from a White Stripes message board that have been zipping through the blog today. I hope you liked the post, however I can't actually read the message board yet, so I have no idea. Still, thanks for the traffic. Oh, and welcome to Iqaluit.

Oh here's a picture of the ticket. I put this up just because it's a ticket for a rock show with Inuktitut.

Kara, you have a very excellent excuse for not being at the show. A big congrats from myself and Cathy. Although I think Jack still would have been a good name.

There were other people reviewing the show. The Toronto Star sent an entertainment reporter who quite liked what he saw. So did Jane Stevenson of Sun Media. CBC had a write up of what the band was up to while they were in town. And I don't know if he means it all, but Jack White certainly knows all the right things to say to local media.

Speaking of local media, a new blogger in Iqaluit, also had her take on things, including mentioning opening act Lucie Idlout, something I failed to do in my write-up this morning.

I mostly agree with with her assessment on Idlout...there's some potential there, but she was awfully uneven. But the enthusiasm and "Holy fuck I'm opening for the White Stripes!" (she didn't say it, but she might as well have) attitude makes up for a lot. And hey, she tossed t-shirts into the crowd. I considered going for one, but I really didn't need to fight with the 6'4" giants that managed to pitch right in front of Cathy (she's a magnet for getting tall people to stand right in front of her) for a First Air shirt.

Myself and Kate differ a bit on her song "E5-770", which is about the name the federal government gave her mom. Yes, the practice of the feds in assigning Inuit numbers to keep track of them was appalling. And I did admire the passion Idlout threw into the song. She was obviously very touched to be able to sing the song to her mom in that setting. So there was some power in that.

However, the song was too long and Idlout tended to just chant the chorus. A bit more polish on the song and I think she'll have something really powerful there. Also, it was still her best song of the evening and the one she should have closed her set with.

Anyway, there's my additional thoughts on the show, along with those of others I've found so far. And once again, if you get a chance to see them, then you must go. I don't know if it will top the surreal atmosphere of seeing them in Iqaluit, but by God they do put off one hell of a show.


2 Pugs, 2 Women, and a Move to Iqaluit said...

Love your blog. New to Iqaluit...your blog helped me decide whether to move here or not. Qestion...I have my own blog, no one can find it doing a search. Any suggestions?

towniebastard said...

Well, I found your blog several weeks ago (sorry, should have dropped you a line). I routinely do blog searches using Google for certain keywords and "Iqaluit" is one of them. Which is how I found your blog and Kate's.

Also, drop Claire a line ( and he can add you to the list of Nunavut bloggers. That should help up your traffic and, by default, bump you up on Google searches.

Btw, after July 1 I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands (Cathy's heading back to Newfoundland for the summer). So if you want to meet up for a coffee I'll happily dispense whatever limited wisdom I have about the town to you.

Same with you and your boyfriend, Kate. Seeing as how Cathy is a teacher I have, by osmosis, picked up some knowledge about trying to get teaching jobs in town, which I believe your BF is interested in trying.

Dooner said...

Sounds good to me! My flight arrives in Iqaluit Monday! Any assistance with the teaching job search is hugely appreciated.

Oh, and incidentally, I'm available for pug-sitting if ever needed. Those are the most absurdly adorable dogs ever.