Friday, June 22, 2007

Two things that amused me today

1. I appreciate every moment that John Rogers takes away from his staggeringly busy writing career (no, no, it’s not enough that he writes for TV and movies, nor that he now gets to write a comic book, they’re also allowing him to direct movies), to just do a blog post like this, which had me crying with laughter, while freaking out a bit at the same time. And then, annoyingly, right underneath it is a post nicely ripping apart the U.S. government about a recent annoying comment about Iraq. Just to show he can do funny and logical.

You try to learn from the good writers and not curse them for being infinitely more talented than you. Rogers is one of those that I wage a losing battle with on that theory.

For the record, I put in what my irrational fear is in the comments section.

2. I’m getting more traffic from the CBC lately. They’ve started attaching to their stories a little sidebar which says “blogs commenting on this story”. Which is lovely fine, but Technorati is unable to differentiate between the stories that appear in my sidebar, and the ones I’m actually commenting on.

But that’s all fine and good. It’s more (accidental) traffic and maybe a few of them might stick around. But today I did comment on the CBC’s Air Canada story. Which turns out to be the #1 most commented on story by bloggers, at least it was as of this afternoon.

For whatever reason in their blogging section, they like to run a quote from one of the bloggers commenting on the story. There could be 40 bloggers commenting, but they’ll run one comment, just to give people an idea of what people are saying. The Air Canada story is the #1 most commented on story and they use a quote from me. And this is what I saw when I followed the link this afternoon.

1 Air Canada adds pets to no-fly list
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" cock suckers" — Townie Bastard

Which made me laugh, long and hard. I have no idea if the quote is automated or if someone picked it deliberately, but it’s hilarious. I can only hope someone from Air Canada’s senior management was checking out.

Actually, if I recall from the last time I commented on Air Canada, I got a lot of traffic from a media monitor that the airline hires to keep an eye on what people are saying about them. So I can only hope that perhaps my comments might make it past CEO Monty Brewer’s desk.


Kara and Matt said...

I love the Air Canada bashing. The quote that they pulled out of your article is great!

J Consortium said...

That is so, so, so awesome. I can't think of anything substantial to say other than that it's the funniest thing I've heard/read in ages!