Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So the long anticipated White Stripes show happens tomorrow evening. I'm not hearing much buzz about it in town, but let's be honest, I'm hardly in the loop of what the average person in town is thinking. And you know, I like it. For years I stressed about what people were thinking and talking about because that's part of your job as a reporter. "What are people talking about this week?" And from there, you might do a story or two.

Now, I could give a rat's ass. I am zen in my ambivalence. It's very relaxing.

Anyway, the show is tomorrow. I also pick up the tickets tomorrow, which would be alarming, but we've been assured that it won't be a problem. I don't know if I can bring the big camera or not so I'm debating whether or not I will. I'd kind of like to so I can get some nice pictures.

The one bit of amusing news we're hearing about the show is the stuff leaking out about the band's rider. You may have heard or these things, where a band tells the organizers what they must have in order to perform. Riders can get pretty retarded, as in I think some artists see how far they can push things and get away with it. Specific brands of booze or condoms. All the food has to be white. Thread count on sheets. That sort of thing.

And you can get away with that if you're in New York or London. But we're in Iqaluit. So requesting a limo, as the band apparently has, doesn't work when there's no limo in Iqaluit. The nearest limo is in Ottawa. I believe the compromise is a school bus. Or that the band requires a change room with specific dimensions and a mirror of a certain size, to which they were reportedly told they were more than welcome to use the hockey change rooms.

There were other requests that apparently were equally odd, but I haven't heard them. Oh, they also wanted blue Smarties. The organizers can get those.

Welcome to Iqaluit, guys. Here's hoping the shock doesn't kill you.

So far, things do appear promising though. Most of the reviews I've read for Icky Thump have been positive - Rolling Stone, Chart Attack, Billboard and Blender to name just a few.

For what it's worth, I like the record as well. It's not as good as "Elephant", but it's got enough catchy songs on it that I enjoy listening to it, although there's nothing as mind-blowing as "Seven Nation Army" on it. But it is "heavy" with lots of loud guitar. Which is fine for me, but not so much for Cathy, who has never been a fan of the angry guitar.

That ought to make tomorrow night's show interesting for her as I'm not expecting a subtle, quiet, thoughtful evening. Then again Cathy's going primarily for the surreal experience of seeing a major rock band in Iqaluit. And the t-shirt.

As for what kind of show to expect, it's hard to say. No one in town is holding out much hope for the acoustics at the Winter Games Complex. But reviews of their concerts so far have been high on the praise. Remember, it's just the two of them on stage. Yet the Globe and Mail, Rolling Stone and Chart Attack have all given positive reviews of their shows so far on this tour. So there's hope.

The band really appears to have tapped into something by doing this kind of massive Canadian tour. There's almost a giddy national response that a major band is doing this kind of national tour and playing places like Iqaluit. Long after they might fade in the U.S. I think they will be able to sell out anywhere in Canada, just because of this tour.

Although if I see Trooper opening for the White Stripes in Bay Roberts 10 years from now, I think I might just have to shoot them as an act of mercy.

Anyway, we're looking forward to the show. I'll have a review either Wednesday or Thursday.

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Kate Nova said...

We were instructed today that they're trying to restrict cameras to folks with photo passes, and only allowing photos during the first three songs (although you can probably work without a flash). But maybe they're just trying to put the scare into us.