Friday, June 08, 2007

Enjoying the fall

1. You know, I try to ignore this crap, I really do. I think it's not unlike when I was growing up and I'd go to my parents and complain that some kid was picking on me or being annoying. And my folks, like I suspect many of yours, probably gave the same advice. "Look, if you just ignore them and don't give them the attention they crave, they'll just get bored and go away."

Which was solid enough advice, I suppose. But I imagine many of you had the same problem. That the nuisance wouldn't go away. That you could try and ignore them, but they only became a bigger nuisance in their attempts to get a reaction from you.

At that point, there isn't much you can do, except wait and hope for the inevitable horrific downfall happens before you snap and lose it. And yes, your parents probably said you shouldn't gloat over other people's misfortune. But really, when they've been that big of a pain in the ass, there's only so much saintly behaviour you can engage in.

So I tried to ignore Hilton. I really, really did. But she just wouldn't go away. And now, she's having the inevitable spectacular, pathetic downfall.

And you know what I've discovered? That I really haven't grown up that much over the past 30 years. Because I loved it back then, and I still love it today.

Does that make me a bad person, I wonder? Or just human.

2. A few more Eckler things. Corey sent me this link from Dennis McGrath, who nicely sums up more logically than I probably did, on why Eckler's case is probably doomed.

Apatow points out that his movie and Eclker's book have nothing in common. He also kindly fails to mention that his movie is a commercial success, beloved by critics (a 90 per cent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and is being called one of the funniest movies of the decade. Whereas nobody is calling Eckler's book any of these things.

3. Sadly, I have suffered from this. I actually had to give up playing the Wii for about a week or so, just so my shoulder and elbow would stop hurting so much. Kind of sad, really.

On the other hand, I'm at 1900+ when playing tennis.

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