Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Sunday ramblings

So I've had a relatively productive day. Chatted with dad for about an hour and got caught up with the news back home. Dad didn't get a Father's Day gift today, but will be receiving it when Cathy gets home in a couple of weeks. It's going to be a combination Father's Day/Birthday gift. Which might seem like a cop out, but dad doesn't mind. Plus, it's a pretty nice thing I managed to pick up for him.

I also broke with tradition and didn't get him a Father's Day card. As I lamented last year, trying to find decent cards is always a bitch. This year was no different and I just decided to give up. Which might make me a bad son, but again, dad didn't have any problem with it. I think he would prefer no card, than one with a fart joke.

Let's see, what else...ah yes, a brief Conversation with Cathy:

Cathy: Sorry I've been binky during June.

Me: Yes, June does seem to last longer and longer the last few years. June will be about 45 days long this year.

Cathy: 45 days, eh?

Me: Yes, I think I deserve a prize or something.

Cathy: I'm leaving for a month. How's that?

Me: Nah, it'll be good for a couple of days and then I'll miss you. How about cash?

Cathy: Nope. You'll just have to settle for me not being around to bug you.

By the way, the conversation was a lot more playful than it sounds. We really will miss each other, but honestly, a week or so apart might be all right. A month is going to suck though. And we're going to be apart on our wedding anniversary, which is also going to suck.

In preparation for the wedding anniversary, however, we are beginning to put together the Second Anniversary Wedding CD. It's a limited edition CD, only going out to a handful of people. But once we get the soundtrack list figured out, I'll post it online and you can feel free to create your very own version.

In preparation for the CD I've been going through the iPod. With about 5,600 songs, there's some that are not hitting the mark. So I purged about 300 songs this evening including The Who's latest, a CD by a band with the name Swans in it. It goes to show how good it was that I can't remember the full name of the band.

I also removed a lot of Tori Amos. I like Tori, but as I've discovered in the last few weeks, you really can have too much Tori.

And of course, I then went and added a couple of hundred new songs...stuff like Paul McCartney's latest, a live Bruce Springsteen and a few others. Oh, and the cast recording for Evil Dead: The Musical. That one should be interesting.

However, it's unlikely to make the anniversary CD.

Anyway, there's this evening's ramble. Tomorrow, something more coherent.

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