Thursday, April 27, 2006


1. It appears we are taking baby steps towards getting one of the Cotons. We requested, and just received, a sample contract and information form from the breeder. Wow, this is tangly business, trying to get a puppy. Then again, I guess I should be glad that they are taking it seriously.

By the way, thanks to everyone for their advice and recommendations. They are appreciated. I am a little concerned about Colette's feverent desire to become a "Godbitch" for the dog. We'll certainly keep it in mind on the off-chance that we decide to baptize the dog into the Catholic church.

2. After hearing about The Express relaunching this week, I was curious to see what the new version would looking like. I've only had a chance to skim the pdf of the paper (however I will say putting a pdf of the paper online is a good idea and makes sense). Plus, I want to take a look at a few more papers to see what develops before commenting on it.

3. My friend Corey has graduated from Law School. I believe this makes him the last of my friends to graduate university, although I stand to be corrected by that. Corey has, at last count, 15 degrees (I exaggerate only slightly). I believe he actually has more degrees than the rest of my friends combined. Quite impressive really.

Hopefully he can use them to ward off SATANS. I'd almost forgotten about that little catch phrase I dreamed up during my late 20s when trying to avoid Student Aid people. SATANS stands for Student Aid Torture And Nuisance Squad. And really, those of us who have had to deal with them in the past know they are evil. Mercifully, I only dealt with them for about five years and managed to pay off the $10,000 loan fairly quickly.

Some of my other friends, not so lucky. I remember sitting at the Ship a couple of years ago with a bunch of people and we were trying to figure out who had the biggest student loan debt and combined debt. One of them won with about $250,000 (granted, there was a house in there), but a nice chunk were the student loans of himself and his wife. As the winner, he had to buy the next round.

"Why do I have to buy the next round?"

"Because when you're that far in debt, really, what's another $40..."

He sadly agreed and bought the next round.

Anyway, enjoy your shiny new law degree Corey and may you be in heaven a half hour before Student Aid knows your dead. Oh hey, they're looking for lawyers here in Iqaluit...


Clare said...

They're looking for lawyers everywhere. They only catch them on occassion though.

colette said...

Oh and I forgot....Congratulations Corey! Articles or LLM?

Animals get blessed on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, Craig, you silly heathen. I keep meaning to attend that service one day at the Anglican Cathedral as it seems to me to be one of the loveliest and most meaningful services going. And the Anglican church also has godparents.

Current debt level is somewhat scary post-purchase of chez nous + 50K of renos. However, I protest at including a house in calculating debt. Mortgage is not "debt", secured as it is by the asset, which in the normal course of events generally will accumulate value in excess of the secured amount. Student loans are debt, unsecured as they are except by your poor old carcass which the government does not want.

colette said...

Darnit, my previous posting didn't get published (hence the "oh and I forgot" opening line). So to repeat that one....

Clare, that was a brilliant line.

Owen's Mom said...

Colette's right craig - the new pup can and should have godparents.

But on to more important issues -- **naming** the new pup...

Are you getting a male or female?

And how does your contract look...?

His Nibs said...

Thanks, Craig.

Of course, trust me to begin blogging in the last weeks of law school exams. I'll be getting posts up more regularly in the coming weeks.

I'm looking for articles at the moment, and both D and I have talked about heading up to Iqaluit. Don't hold your breath though. We've discovered we like Edmonton (and its relatively warm winters) a lot.

regards, cat`

towniebastard said...

1. Claire, I think you need a tag to catch lawyers up here. Although you can't get much for the pelt and no one likes the meat.

2. Colette, I've been to the ceremony at the Anglican church for the blessing of the animals. It is tremendous fun and I recommend to everyone in St. John's, whether you have a pet or not, to go. I've seen dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, rats, snakes, geckos, a goat and a Newfoundland pony with a bowel problem. Quality entertainment, I assurey you.

And if we're ever in town when it's happening we would take any pets we might have and go.

3. Lorie, we're getting a male, if we have a choice. As for the name, we're looking at something in Inuktitut. Although Duleepa does have a certain ring to it...

4. Corey, we completely understand wanting to stay in Edmonton. When/if we move south, it is on our short list of places we're considering moving to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig

I'm a Coton owner living in St. John's. We bought ours in Ontario 6 years ago. I've owned 5 dogs in my life and have to say that teddy is the most enjoyable, go with the flow, lovable dog I've owned.

We are 100% satisfied with him and if you need any info on disposition, health etc, give me a jingle at 709-754-8313.
Joe Gormn