Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Blogging might be a little light this week. Cathy has some friends in from Rankin Inlet. They're here from a gymnastics tournament and we're doing some of that socializing thing we hear other people talk about so much.

But hopefully I'll bank up a few ideas. I already have something brewing on the craziness of Tom Cruise, summer movies, journalism awards and the alarming slow decline I'm witness in a secret society that I'm a part of.

Which is hopefully tantalizing enough to get you to keep coming back.


Mireille Sampson said...

Is the secret society one that I´m a part of? 'Cause if I´m going downhill I´d really appreciate a heads up;)

jennifer said...

I'm curious...the animation keeps changing. The other day it was back to normal. Then today it was back to the slowed down, progressively repetitive version. Is this change reflective of your moods?

towniebastard said...

It's not reflective of my moods, although it would be kind of cool if it was. I suspect it is simply to do the speed of your connection or the amount of traffic on the host site slowing it down.