Sunday, April 23, 2006


Yesterday there was another craft fair in Iqaluit. Despite the abundance of talented artists in the city, there are remarkably few of these types of fairs. I honestly thought you would see them about once a month, but this is the first one we've been to since the Christmas Craft Fair. We were rather disappointed with that one, as most of the stuff for sale appeared to be the kind of thing you'd find at the Avalon Mall Flea Market. We had been hoping for something more along the lines of carvings, sealskin mittens, artwork and that kind of thing.

So we had our hopes a bit low for this one. Turns out we were wrong. And most people in town seem to know this was going to be the real deal. The crowds were huge. Seriously. I figure there are about 8,000 people in Iqaluit these days. I wouldn't be surprised if about half of them were at the fair yesterday.

Alas, Cathy came away empty handed. She had been looking for a pair of seal skin mittens, but they were all too large or made of the wrong kind of fur.

(A quick aside. A pair of friends were in town last week and bought, among other things, a pair of beaver skin mittens while we were at supper. The mittens were very...furry, which prompted the line, inadvertant or otherwise, "This beaver is really bushy. We're going to have to shave it when we get home." The only reason I didn't curl in to a little ball and piss myself laughing was that we were in a public place.)

Cathy was also looking for kamiks, which look like this (normally without the tassles, though.) Alas, she couldn't find any of those that she liked either.

I, on the other hand, managed to find a really nice seal skin vest. And I hemmed and hawed over whether or not I needed one, Cathy talked me into it. I shan't say how much it cost, just that it was more than a toy lightsabre. Still, I like it. It's good quality and I don't think I look too bad in it, if I do say so myself.

In case you're wondering, it's made from ring seal, which is what most Inuit hunt around here for either meat or skin. I might try and get a jacket at some point. I've seen some really amazing ones up here, but they're not cheap. Might be a gift for another day.

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Mireille Sampson said...

They may not be cheap, but they'll likely last you far longer than most other clothing you'll buy - and it looks great.

I remember seeing (on aptn) a little old lady explaining how her furs and skins weren't chemically treated and this meant they last longer (as opposed to what you might find at vogue furriers). Try asking the makers how best to care for it (if they didn't include instructions).

I went all around Antigua today looking for a jade & silver bracelet (lots o' jade in Guatemala). I hit so many stores and then went back to the first one we checked out because it had best price for quality - should've bought it right away and we'd have saved lots of fluffing about;)

John said...

Looks great Craig! Tell Cathy that you'll need the lightsabre for protection against the huge anti-sealing movement currently sweeping rural Newfoundland should you ever show up here wearing it.

I bet she'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

Smashing, Craig!

towniebastard said...

As I said, John. I can buy the lightsabre. No problem. It just means there are other toys that I can't afford. And since those toys include comics, possibly a new iPod and who knows what else, I have to defer for right now.

Sure b'y said...

Looking great. Very stylish.