Friday, April 21, 2006

Photo Friday

This actually isn't an Express photo. Instead, it's a picture of my friend Andrew. And why is there a photo of Andrew running on my blog? Because the crazy guy went and ran The Boston Marathon last Monday. And for a guy who only picked up running a few years ago, he did pretty good. He finished 5,358 out of 22,000 with a time of 3:27:14.

Which, needless to say, is a damn site faster than I could complete the race.

Anyway, the story behind the photo below.

This was taken January 1, 2004. Yeah, the date is right. While at our traditional New Year's party at our good friend Anne's, Andrew says he can't do any hardcore drinking and has to pass on the traditional haggis because he was running in the morning. Those at the party sober enough to process what he was saying (pretty much just myself, Andrew and Anne) roundly mocked him. There is generally enough pain in the morning of New Year's Day without inflicting more upon yourself.

But Andrew is an engineer whose brain is apparently wired differently than the rest of us. Even his wife had her doubts about his sanity.

Then again, maybe there is something wrong with myself and Cathy. Because on an ugly, sleeting morning when cozying up in bed would have been the far more sensible option, we went and waited with Karin (Andrew's wife) at the finish line to cheer on the fool.

It was a 5K race. I think he finished 8th, which wasn't last place. That means there were a couple of dozen maniacs out running in that foul slush New Year's morning when they should have been home sleeping off the previous night.

There is nothing spectacular about this shot, I'll admit that. But there are elements I like. It's cropped quite a bit to eliminate cars and other assorted clutter. But I like that Cathy and Karin are the two people in the background cheering him on. I like that his feet aren't touching the ground as he crossed the finish line. And I like the look on his face.

Oh, and congrats on finishing the marathon, Andrew...

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