Thursday, April 06, 2006

Of five year plans

I was puttering around online, checking out the rapidly growing Newfoundland blogosphere when I came across Laurie's blog and, in particular, her Five Year Plan.

I love these types of plans. I think they offer up fascinating insights into people. And pretty much everyone does them at some point. I have at various points in my life and I think they're often reflective of your mental state at the time. Especially since five year plans are often made when you're not very happy with the way things are going in your life.

(I don't know Laurie and I've only skimmed her blog, but she certainly seems less than content with her current life status.)

I had one when I was at MUN. While I forget the details, I believe they went something like this:
1. Try not to kill one of the editors of the Muse.
2. Graduate MUN.
3. Get into journalism school.
4. Get a journalism job.
5. Move out of father's house.
6. Get a girlfriend.

I had mixed results with that plan. I did manage to not kill one of the editors, I graduated MUN and got into journalism school. I moved out of dad's house, moved back in, moved out, moved back in...he really should have put a revolving door there.

It's best not to dwell on the whole girlfriend thing.

I believe the five year plan when I was 30 was something like this:
1. Get out of Clarenville at all costs.
2. Have sex again sometime before I die.
3. Stop making new "friends" with member of the opposite sex.
4. Get a job that paid more than $20,000 a year (Want to get rich? Don't be a journalist).
5. Get a girlfriend.

So the goals at 30 were more modest, but actually achieved. I did get out of Clarenville, I did have sex again, I did get a girlfriend, who became a fiance and then a wife. And I am now making more than $20,000 a year. So as a five year plan, that one went ok. I think it's important to set modest goals and be flexible with these plans. Aim too high, set too strict goals and problems arise. Plus, you normally don't have the flexibility to adapt when things inevitably go wrong.

Myself and Cathy are now into Year Two of the next Five Year Plan. The goals for this one were:
1. Survive being apart (she was in Rankin Inlet, I was in St. John's for the first five months of 2005. It sucked)
2. Survive the wedding.
3. Move to Iqaluit.
3. Get jobs for both of us in Iqaluit.
4. Make and save lots of money.
6. Travel extensively. Locations discussed include California, Costa Rica, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand and Australia.
7. Not get pregnant.
8. Get a dog.

So far, we're doing ok on the current plan. We're married and happily living in Iqaluit. Cathy is working full-time. I'm casual, but there is the possibility of that becoming permanent in the next few months. We're saving lots of money (the wedding and move up are already paid off) and going to California this summer (booking the tickets in a few weeks). And we're not pregnant.

No dog yet, though. I rather doubt that situation is going to last the whole five years.


Anonymous said...

Love the sidebar animation. It's either new, or I've been blind to it before now.

I often feel like that.

How sad.

regards, cat`

Laurie said...

I've been sorta linked to. That's kinda cool. And yes I am in a state of flux right now. My former employer has screwed me over so I'm back out there again.

But I'm not always so down I promise!

JILLY said...

Laurie is usually one of the most upbeat people I know. We are both in flux. I am normally the hopelessly pessimistic one...wait no I think you are right. I'm technically and idealist. Laurie I think you are a skeptic.

I like the idea of the revolving door...

towniebastard said...

The only consolation I can offer is that perhaps the most miserable part of my life, post-high school, was from the time I graduated university until I hit about 31. I had trouble finding work, was living at home and my love life was...problematic.

I say this not to depress you, but to give you hope that it does indeed get better. I can't explain how or why it happens, but magically you get a break and find a job you want, you move out and get settled and just when you've given up hope of finding someone, voila.

I'm not saying I'm thrilled to be in my mid-30s, but I'll take where I am now over where I was in my mid-20s in a heartbeat.

Btw, I enjoy both your blogs. And Laurie, you have excellent taste in movies. Going to see V For Vendetta this evening, finally. Been waiting a long time to see this one...