Sunday, April 02, 2006

They better boo

Pamlea Anderson, who I have never understood the appeal of, is hosting the Junos this evening. Now, before you go "well, I would think the appeal of Ms. Anderson is readily apparent" it really isn't too me. I like an attractive woman as much as the next heterosexual guy, but Anderson has never done it for me. A friend of mine, back in the 90s, while watching one of Cher's mystifying comebacks looked at her and went "I'm honestly not sure if she's human anymore. I think she's had that much work done she's crossed-over and become a cyborg."

It's how I felt about Anderson. She was pretty once. But they years have not been kind and she's been scary looking for me for a very long time. I think it's a kind of arachnid reaction you have to something that is creepy and no longer quite human.

Anyway, VOCM is reporting that Anderson might bring up the seal hunt during this evening's Juno Awards. Now, I'm not going to say that an awards show celebrating music is not the place to bring this up, Musicians, actors, etc have brought up social causes at these types of events for decades. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I'd admire the guts of going to Halifax to condemn the seal hunt, except that I've never seen much indication of brains in that surgically and chemically altered head of hers over the years, so I'm inclined to believe she's merely being stupid.

However, if this happens then two things need to happen:
1. This is in Halifax. The audience needs to boo. And boo loudly. They should boo her for the rest of the evening if she makes that statement.
2. I believe Rex Goudie is going to be presenting an award this evening. His label might be furious with him, but Goudie - or someone else - ought to wear a shirt saying "I support the hunters." And ought to rebut whatever Anderson says. She has reportedly called hunters "jerks". A nice, simply rebuttal is this: "I believe that men who work hard, under harsh conditions just to feed and clothe their family and put a roof over their head deserve more respect than to be called 'jerks' by Ms. Anderson. She should apologize."

If Goudie does that, he has my respect.

If nothing else, I might actually watch the Junos this evening. I hadn't planned on it, because few of the nominees are interesting to me (Jesus Christ, I never thought Nickelback would ever be that popular), but I might tune in after The West Wing to see if there are any fireworks.


Anonymous said...

Several points:

First, about not calling sealers "jerks". Maybe 'gits' would suffice? (ahem) That's not addressing your main point (for that, see below). I just wanted to show how it's easy and tempting for anyone - including you, towniebastard - to disparrage people you don't like very much with just one charged word. And the person who calls someone else a git, jerk, or whatever, might actually have a good point - even if we might lament their retreat to a school-yard mode of discourse.

Second, about "men who work hard, under harsh conditions just to feed and clothe their family and put a roof over their head deserve more respect." I think her point, and the point of many anti-sealing activists, is that they don't deserve our respect, because they make a livelihood doing something unethical. In other words, you shouldn't do something wrong to make a buck.

It's interesting how otherwise good people can do bad things, and that we choose to evaluate their character in general by focusing on those aspects of their character which we agree with or despise.


Jason.Bartlett said...

You know I'm sure everyone would be more inclined to "discuss" had you left your name. It is especially easy to disparrage someone if you aren't willing to stand by your point openly

Ed Hollett said...

An anonymous poster with lip?

I never knew you could spell chickenshit that way before.

Anonymous said...

Keen. I have lip.

I'll mention it here (though I did so elsewhere) so people reading the thread know what's up without scanning other posts. The anonymous post was mine - I neglected to add my usual sign-off.

regards, cat`

Mireille Sampson said...

I think the term was "cherborg". Kinda catchy. Dolly Parton and Joan Rivers belong in that category, and I'm thinking David Hasselhof as well, but I haven't seen him in a while. Michael Jackson is in a league all his own.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you were disappointed in our locals lack of response to the Pam Anderson comments. It took a prarie girl with moxy to have a crack at the seal issue!

I think Alan Doyle said something after the ceremonies but his real opportunity was during the show.