Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh lord...

No good can come from this. mark my words. Seriously, no good can come from this.

I don't know every journalist in St. John's, but I know enough of them to realize that their vocal abilities are limited. And I know, for absolute certainity, that Steve is going to do this. If he's willing to humiliate himself every year to do the Celebrity Secrets show (including dressing up like a seal, appparently, this year) then doing this for a trip to Toronto is a given.

I am really curious to see who is going to win this contest. Not curious enough to actually want to listen to any of it, you understand. But curious none the less.

And to answer your question, if I was back home there is no way in hell I would enter. I am a man of many talents. Singing or playing any musical instrument is not among them. I can't even play a drum properly.

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Joe said...

I have read of other stops on this Media Idol tour. What was thought of as a funny gig turned out to be serious by the judges. Some of the media contestants played it funny but got cut down, wasn't as funny as some of them thought. Hope Steve knows this going in. No good came of those, for some.