Monday, April 03, 2006

On Junos and West Wing...

A few random comments on our viewing habits of last evening...

On the Junos
1. Oh good, they booed. We'll never know exactly how bad because CTV's audio mix was terrible throughout the evening. But there was clearly vocal displeasure.
2. Anderson's reaction to the booing: "That's ok, I can take it." My reaction? "Yes honey, we've known that for years. Plus, we've seen the video."
3. Ok, cheap shot. But hey, it's a pretty clever one.
4. Ohhh, it's Nickleback. I wonder if there will be explosions? Yup, there they are.
5. Rex Goudie didn't say anything, but that might have been wishful thinking. Besides, he was too busy modeling the latest fashion - Scruffy Baymen Chic. It'll be sweeping the runways in Paris in Milan any day now.
6. Or perhaps not. Cathy's reaction: "Oh my God, he looks like a ripple on a bucket of shit."
7. Cathy was pretty funny all night, actually. After hearing Broken Social Scene finish their song with "Demand better music!" her response was "I should demand never hearing them again."
8. Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay tied for Best International Record? Considering the award is based on album sales I rather doubt they each sold the exact same number of records. I call shenanigans.
9. I actually have the urge now to go and download some Bryan Adams. I'm hoping another 12 hours will make it go away.

As for the last hour, I have no idea because mercifully at 8 p.m. West Wing comes on. As for that show:
1. Apparently getting Josh laid twice in about 12 hours still isn't enough to mellow him out. But it was a nice try by Donna.
2. "Have you come on board?" Cute.
3. Actually most of the stuff between Donna and Josh was fun. I was actively wincing several time with stuff Josh said. It's why I empathize with the character so much. I'm not as smart as he is, but I'm clearly as dumb as he is.
4. Look, it's Charlie! Oh wait I blinked and he's gone. Was he really there?
5. Nice quiet moment with CJ in the Oval Office.
6. Apparently Toby's bluff from last week worked.
7. The preview for next week gives up that Leo dies. Then again, that's not much of a spoiler, is it?
8. However, revealing that everyone knows he died before the polls closed in California is. Dumb.

And that's all for now, kids...


jason.bartlett said...

I have to say if Paul and Pam are the quality the anti sealers can dredge up you really have to laugh. Was Hasslhoff not available.

Sigh I don't get to see West Wing here just read recaps. Interesting that they keep putting California in play. Since in the real world, a Dems can't win the country without California, and the last time the Republicans had California on a national level was with Reagan. You'd think Leo's death would take California off the table as he was the exeperienced guiding hand of the ticket.

Ida said...

Darn I missed the booing of Ms.Anderson, I so wanted to see it, CTV only showed little bit of it.


vickyth said...

I heard from someone who was there that the booing was loud and filled the entire venue. Apparently it was quite, er... overwhelming.

They actually had scripted some clever seal jokes into Anderson's routine, but she ignored their jokes and chose to do her own.

You just can't help some people.

towniebastard said...

I was really curious about how strong the reaction was because you could get an idea of how strong the reaction was, but not a great one. CTV really did a bad job on the production of the show this year.

Then again, Anderson got her job done. Yes, she was widely booed, but she got plenty of international headline about her comments. Few of the stories mention she was booed when she made them.

Maybe there is the odd brain cell rattling around up there.