Sunday, July 05, 2009

Still not gone

You may recall there was quite a bit of ice around Iqaluit back on June 29. Well, the wind has been shifting around a bit, so the ice was actually out of the bay for most of the week. Then it shifted again, and there was the ice, back again.

On the upside, the shifting ice, combined with an icebreaker, allowed the first vessel of the year in on Friday. It's a fuel ship. Still no ideas of when a sealift vessel will arrive. It's not a matter of the boat getting through the ice that's the big problem. It's making the inner bay clear enough of ice for the barges to be able to run from the boats to the beach.

I can see the vessels being able to get here anytime now. As for unloading them, well, that could take another couple of weeks.

Anyway, some pictures from our walk down the beach last night. All pictures taken between 8-8:30 pm on Saturday, July 4.

Last Five
1. 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins*
2. Trust me - The Fray
3. Movie scene - Ron Hynes
4. Wayfaring stranger (live) - Neko Case
5. Good morning, good morning - The Beatles

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