Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking it easy

So, all quiet here today. We weighed a number of options. We thought about going out to Green Island for the day and puttering around, but it's a bit expensive and honestly, the thought of spending an hour or so on a hydrofoil given how choppy the waters were today was not an appealing notion. Besides, we're on our way to the Whitsundays tomorrow. We'll be doing plenty of island hopping over the next week or so.

We looked at going to a croc farm or doing a sunset cruise, but ultimately just decided that a day doing some twacking around the downtown area and hanging out at the lagoon was the best option for us. It's a vacation...it doesn't mean we have to go flat out all the time.

We had been doing pretty good on buying stuff so far on this vacation, but we had a small break yesterday. It started when we were in Kunundra and I bought the boomerang. I also bought a nice t-shirt. Cathy bought a hand made pine apple. She has a fondness for these sorts of things. Then, last night, we hit the night market in downtown Cairns and hit on a store selling the Australian Outback coats. But this one also had a wool lining that could come with it. We'd been looking for a new jacket for me for awhile and this coat just seemed right. So there was another chunk of cash.

Meanwhile, Cathy and I continue to have a debate over a hat. Specifically, you can buy kangaroo leather hats here. I don't really need a hat. I have a pair of Tilley's as it stands - a standard travel hat and a black felt fedora. But this is a nice hat and does kind of go with the coat. Cathy's been giving me the "you can buy the hat if you want, but I can't possibly see any occasion where you would wear it." (I have friends laughing when they read this, I'm sure). And she's probably right. But I do want the hat. I've been resisting so far, but we'll see if I can make it the rest of the trip.

We're on the road tomorrow. We pick up the rental at noon, then head to Townsville, where we'll overnight. Then onwards to the Whitsundays for Thursday. I'm still looking the wrong way when crossing the street and roundabouts seem like an unnatural thing to me, so going down the Bruce Highway tomorrow should be a fascinating experience. I suspect I will be yelled at and cursed on a lot over the next few days.

More tomorrow, assuming I can find an internet cafe. And that we're still alive....


Jackie S. Quire said...

Towniebasterd in Townsville :D

SRD said...

not laughing, just smiling fondly...really!

Adam Snider said...

Completely unrelated to the subject of this post: twacking. That's got to be another one of those Newfoundland phrases, eh? You're only the second person I've ever heard use it (the other being my girlfriend, who is from Newfoundland).

towniebastard said...

Twacking is decidedly a Newfoundland word. You used to be able to buy t-shirts with different Newfoundland definitions on them, but they might be gone now.

And yes, Jackie, no matter what town, I'm apparently still a bastard.