Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Last minute

So yes, I missed blogging yesterday. Sorry about that. I was just in a strange head space when I got home from work and couldn't shake it for most of the evening. It's kind of strange spending your last week at work. And without getting into all the details, I never realized how much work was involved in leaving work. I haven't stopped most of the week trying to get thing wrapped up before I go.

And then there's the Australia preparations. Cathy's begun packing already, which might surprise some, as we're not leaving until Saturday. But I'm amazed she made it to Tuesday before starting to pack. I was talking to my father last night and giving him the last minute updates on the trip and he was amused at how structured everything is.

"You guys certainly planned this out a lot more then when I went to Australia."

I guess. Then again, we're going "only" for a month, whereas dad went for nine weeks. Give me that much time in Australia to wander around and I might play things considerably more loosely. And credit where it's deserved, Cathy is the one who insists on this level of organization. I'm not one to complain. If she wasn't as organized as she is, last year's lost passport fiasco in Italy would have been much, much worse.

So being so much as having most of our hotels/hostels booked, a rental car booked, knowing where the embassy is and that sort of thing, no problem at all. I hope to never have to go through an experience like losing my passport or something similar again, but if it happens, it's good knowing at least one of us has our act together.

It still doesn't feel entirely real that we're leaving in a few days. Probably too much going on at work to get in the proper headspace for it. But I imagine I'll get there soon enough on Wednesday.

Last Five
1. Breakdown - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers*
2. In my place - Coldplay
3. Soul of a man (live) - Bruce Cockburn
4. She's got her ticket - Tracy Chapman
5. Take me for longing (live) - Allison Krauss and Union Station


Kennie said...

Have a good vacation down under! Remember not to get into a tussle with Crocodile Dundee :-)

Barb said...

have a great trip. And if you need gas money for the rental car, we have once again started our summer travel feature "Around the World" so you know what to do...
at the very least e-mail me pics (use my work address)
are you visiting the Perth area, or Sydney, or both?
Enjoy your time down under.