Thursday, July 02, 2009

Twits R Us

So I went and joined Twitter today. We'll see how that goes. Twitter was always one of those web applications that I thought would flare and fade away. It still may do that. Such is the nature of the internet. I have no idea what the success to failure rate for web site and applications are, but it must be catastrophically slanted. For every Google there must be tens of thousands who crash and burn. And even the successes you wonder how long they're going to be around for. Myspace and LiveJournal were big things several years ago. Now they're being slowly killed by Facebook.

And hell, I would have thought that Facebook would die off in a few years as well when the next big things comes along. But this is a pretty interesting article on how they're trying to go after Google. I don't think it will work, but then again, I thought rap music was a fad, so what do I know.

And we'll see with Twitter. I think it's going to get bought out by Facebook, Google or something else. But I don't know if I'll still be around to see that. Being on Twitter is kind of like blogging. Lots of people start, but few actually stick with it more than a few months. So we'll see.

So why did I start? Especially if I'm lucky to update my Facebook status once a day? Well, I think Twitter works best as a mobile technology. I'm not a person on the move a lot, but if you are, then I think it's a grand thing to be a part of. And in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be pretty mobile.

I was pretty good at blogging last year while in Italy and we'll certainly try to do the same thing while in Australia. However, there may be times when we can't get to an internet cafe. And yes, we do have an iPod Touch we're taking with us, but I really wouldn't want to try and do a lengthy blog post on it. It is, however, ideal for doing a Twitter post. (I just can't call it tweeting yet. I just....can't). At least for the duration of our time in Australia I'll probably set Twitter up as a sidebar on the blog, just so people can know what we're up to.

So if you want to follow my madcap adventures, I can be found here.

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